Now Easy to measure Subscribe & Save performance – December 10, 2020

Posted by Jimi Patel | March 22, 2021

FBA Subscribe & Save’s new performance dashboard can help you better manage your Subscribe & Save business and help ensure a positive customer experience.

You can use the dashboard to improve your Subscribe & Save seller performance metrics. On the dashboard, you can review the following information:

  • The number of units and revenue for shipped subscription orders
  • Projections of units and revenue for orders that are expected to ship
  • The number of active subscriptions
  • Average revenue per customer
  • The percentage of units not delivered because the ASIN was out of stock
  • You can see these metrics for your overall Subscribe & Save business or at the ASIN level (up to 20 at a time) for weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly time frames.

Seller performance reviews are ongoing and include customer feedback, order cancellation rate, and your ability to maintain inventory levels. Poor performance metrics can affect your ability to participate in the program.

Subscribe & Save feature helps a seller to retain their customers, building brand trust, increasing the purchase and having a bundle option of Amazon Listings to Grow Amazon Sales.

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