Sponsored Brands redesigned desktop card – April 24, 2020

Posted by Jimi Patel | March 22, 2021

Sponsored Brands redesigned desktop card

Availability: ads console, Seller Central, API
Launch date: 31-March
Reference: blog post

What launched?
A new taller desktop card creative template in the Sponsored Brands top of search placement. This new experience increases the height of the unit and makes both product images and brand logo more prominent.

What is the shopper experience?
Advertisers using a “true” brand logo will render this new creative experience. Advertisers using a lifestyle/custom image or the product image for their logo will render the existing regular height mobile carousel.

– make sure you use a “true” brand logo. Learn more about the definition of a “true” brand logo in our ad policies here.

Sponsored Display product targeting for sellers in the US

Launch date: 25-March
Getting started guide(Login Required)
Optimization guide(Login Required)

What launched?
Product targeting in Sponsored Display is now available for sellers in the US. With product targeting, you can promote product discovery with ads that reach shoppers who are actively browsing similar or complementary products and categories on Amazon, and access more campaign controls and reporting metrics to make your performance advertising strategy work more efficiently. Product targeting ads may appear alongside product description pages, customer reviews, shopping results pages, or under the featured offer. A modified version of Sponsored Display product targeting is also available for vendors worldwide.

In the ads console, sellers will now be able to select from two options in the “Product targeting” field within the campaign builder.

Advertisers can then leverage the product targeting widget to select one or multiple product page(s) to show their ads, select one or multiple categories/browse node to show their ads, and refine the category selection based on price, brand, star rating, Prime status, and other filters.

Prior to launching their campaigns, advertisers can use the creative preview to see how ads will look like including a preview of any coupons or deals.

Ad Placement
Product targeting ads may appear adjacent to the featured offer and description sections within an Amazon product detail page on mobile and desktop. This gives advertisers an opportunity to be featured in a prime location and remain top of mind during the point of purchase.

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