6 Aspects Of Product Research For Amazon Private Label

Posted by Jimi Patel | June 23, 2017

The sale of private label products on Amazon is not new. From the past few years, many sellers are selling their products online with a private label. In fact, last year’s survey revealed that around 50% of the sellers are now opting for private label, which includes 17% of the entrepreneurs dealing in these products only. This makes it essential for the sellers to understand how Amazon SEO service works to get greater visibility on their products.

Many often, customers may purchase products of more popular brands depending upon the item and their personal choice. For example, customers usually prefer to buy famous branded electronic products than of a new company. So, a proper product research is mandatory when you wish to sell your items online.

Product Quality: Well, when you have already decided to sell your products on private label, then you will have to ensure quality too. Your product has to be better, durable and long lasting too. It should be continuous in use and not seasonal.

Price Factor: Ideally, price of a product should be neither too high and nor too low. Too much price will discourage customer to buy the product and they will naturally move towards other big brands while a product priced too low could affect your earning potential. Follow the nature of Amazon services first and then decide the price of your private label product.

Demand of the Product: Usually, products of high demand get sold in larger quantities. So, your effort should be towards selling products that have huge demand in the market. Selling low-demand products means lower earning potential. Necessary researches on products that are likely to be sold more should be done before finalizing a product for online sales.

Keyword Issue: Considering the private label sales methodology on Amazon, keywords play a key role towards enhancing your online visibility and sales. Rather than thinking about your competitors, you should actually use multiple keywords for enhanced visibility. For example, if you sell footballs, then some buyers might be searching shoes under this category. Such things happen. So, multiple keywords should be used in accordance to Amazon sales consulting process.

YouTube Videos: Interesting videos relating to your private label products could be a good way to garner several views and customers’ responses. The best way is to create some demo videos and post them on YouTube with a link leading to your Amazon product landing page. By this way, your videos can get higher ranking on Google searches depending upon their total views. Using high searched keywords in these videos could get you tons of views and searches.

Attractive Packaging: A product that comes in an attractive package tends to grab the attention of more customers. As a private label seller, you should try to sell all the products as a gift item and with an attractive packaging. It will certainly enhance your sales a lot more than you could imagine.

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Published by Jimi Patel

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