6 Types of Product Images Every Amazon Seller Must Have

Posted by Jimi Patel | April 12, 2019

People remember 80% of what they see but only 20% of what they read.

If sellers really want their product to stand out against the competitors and their listing to convert, then they must focus on optimizing the images. Humans are visually-wired creatures so communicating the dense textual information and key feature in a graphical format will be more effective than just writing them in your description.

At eStore Factory, we have delivered more than 1000s of Amazon images per year, so we have learned a few things. Based on our experience, we have summarized 6 types of images every Amazon sellers must have along with the tips for optimizing each of them:

#1 Product In White:

This is the first image customers will see on their search results page. So it’s worth spending dollars to get the perfect hero image. Investing in high-quality Amazon product photography for the perfect first image will give you dividends for years to come. Do it yourself, hire a professional or use any of the tools for white background editing but make sure you have terrific first image in accordance with the Amazon guidelines.

white background editing

Here are the best and recommended practices:

  • Product must fill 85% of the image
  • It should be shot in pure white background (No sheets, it should be digitally cut)
  • Don’t add anything that is not included in the package
  • 1500 x 1500 pixels for zoom capability

Tip: If your packaging image is boring then your first image will be boring too, so try to create attractive packaging.

#2 Product Infographics:

Bitter truth: 85% of the customers won’t bother reading your information-filled copy. So how will you showcase the standout features of the product? Enter infographics. Tones of unsexy data and complicated piece of information can be communicated in an easy to read and understandable format by using infographic images. So even if your customers don’t read the bullet points and description, they can still learn about the USPs of the product just by glancing at the image.

While writing copy for your infographics make sure to be to the point. You don’t want your image to be flooded by text and statistical data. Try to explain the benefits through short sentences and icons.

Below are some of the examples of our Amazon infographic images:

Amazon infographic

#3 Below are some of the examples of our Amazon Infographic images:

Ever got a bad review from a customer just because they could not figure out how to use or assemble the product? Most of us have. Your product can be of great quality, but shopper will still get frustrated if they don’t know how to use the product. Even if you include assembly instructions in your packaging, they can be misplaced or thrown out accidentally and the customer is left helpless. To put an end to this problem, you add quick instruction manual and what’s in the box information in one of your image. This type of image is a must-have for category like electronics.

Amazon lifestyle images

#4 Lifestyle:

Infographic image tells a story and lifestyle images show the story. Lifestyle shots basically contain a picture of your product in every life situations. Adding lifestyle photos will allow customers to picture how would it be if it was their product. Product can be in-use, placed with props, models or in scenic backgrounds. A great way to get inspiration for lifestyle images is by browsing through social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Amazon Lifestyle Photography

Benefits of Amazon lifestyle photography:

  • Storytelling: It tells potential customers a story about the product. They can connect more with a model who is interacting with the product.
  • Inspiring: With lifestyle images, the customer can see the possibilities of the product. For example, how the shirt which is for sale can be complemented with dark wash jeans.
  • Explaining: When a product is unconventional, lifestyle images can help the customer understand the product.

#5 Competitor Comparison Chart:

Amazon has a low barrier of entry to become a seller and this is the reason for the ever-growing cut-throat competition. There are thousands of products launching daily and differentiating your product from this pool of similar products is something every seller finds difficulty in.

The most effective way to communicate the buyers that your product is far superior is by making a comparison chart. For example, you are selling a supplement and everyone is selling the same supplement, but yours is non-GMO, filler-free, preservative free, has best quality ingredients and more monthly supply than others, wouldn’t you want your potential buyers to know that?

Competitor’s chart will instantly highlight the points as to why should shoppers prefer your product over the competitor’s. They will stop browsing through the product pages for comparing the products because you already did it for them. This means that they will stop getting indecisive and will click “Add to Cart” right away.


#6 Warranty or Satisfaction Guarantee:

This is something you cannot mention in your Enhanced Brand Content or A+ Detail Pages so you should never miss in your image grid. A warranty or satisfaction guaranteed image will build customer trust and create transparency between the brand and shopper. It is very essential that sellers highlight their after-sale support promise as well as honor the promise.

 Warranty or Satisfaction Guarantee

Amazon Image Requirements:

Before you start with preparing images, it is very essential to familiarize yourself with the basic Amazon guidelines:

  • Image size: 1500 pixels
  • File format: JPEG, PNG, GIF or TIFF
  • Image color mode: RGB or CMYK
  • Image frame: Fill out 85%

Key Takeaways:

  • Your iPhone snap won’t work here. Always use high quality and professional photos
  • Show your products from different angles from the front, rear and sides
  • Show up close-ups of buttons, switches or for any special feature
  • Always use size comparison and dimensions to give customers can know what to expect
  • Include people and show product in use
  • Point out the features by using infographics
  • Add a product video
  • Last but not least: Do not mess with Amazon guidelines

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