A Quick Guide to Re-instate your Amazon Account Suspension

Posted by Jimi Patel | April 17, 2017

It is a known fact that amongst the crores of sellers on the Amazon portal worldwide, thousands get their accounts suspended each month. Amazon Services have dedicated an entire team especially for seller suspension and re-instatement. If you have been shown the door for this, it is time to stand up and take a note.

Understanding the ‘Why’?

Has this happened in the past too?

If Yes,
Have you missed following your action plan after the previous re-instatement?
Or, is it something else this time. Time to start collecting the information now.

If No,
Start reading the seller policies now and begin by understanding where you went wrong. Go through the roughly outlined reason that Amazon gave you. Or, try and connect with Amazon Seller Consulting on this.

Two Most Common Reasons for Suspension

1. Your inability to tail one of the seller policies that you consent to when you make your dealer account. For instance, offering inauthentic items or drop shipping from retailers. The second is from one of your merchant metrics going over the permitted maximums that Amazon holds its dealers to. For instance, imperfection rate of your orders, delayed shipment rate, order cancellation rate, etc.

2.Of course, Amazon Marketing will certainly hold the primary objective to furnish their clients with a positive experience while shopping. At the point when a vendor neglects to maintain their expectations as per the shared metrics, and thereby arrive at a circumstance prompting a poor client encounter, Amazon will give you Performance Notifications and reasonable notices that your activities may prompt a suspension. Following your inability to streamline the issues in warranted time, can prompt you getting the suspension letter.

How to Draft an Appeal for Re-Instatement?

The letter must cover all grounds and live up to what Amazon Marketing Services expects from you.

Highlights of the Letter of Appeal


State your identity, the name of your vendor account, and the reason why you were suspended. Here, you can compose a passage about your circumstance and your understanding from the situation.

2.The Main Issues that Led to Your Suspension

Express the fundamental reason that you captured for being suspended from being an Amazon merchant. Clarify how you decided this to be the principle issue and what activities prompted this event for you. Assume liability for your activities and express that you botched up.

3.The Action Steps You Have Taken Since Being Suspended

Express the activity steps that you have taken since being suspended to address the primary issues that you sketched out above. You could make use of some visual cues as well for quick and better understanding.

4.The Action Steps You Will Take Upon Being Unsuspended

Express the activity steps that you and your group will take once re-instated. Concentrate on how you will change your operations to guarantee that this issue does not occur any more.

Call to Action: Express in clear and concise words for your seller account to be re-activated.

The structure of the appeal will hold a great value in helping to do so, as will be the content within it. It must clearly outline all the action steps as mentioned above and should be easily comprehended by someone going through it.

Escalating Past the Amazon Seller Consulting

Simply email the CEO and Founder Jeff Bezos with the details of the appeal and a copy of the same. Do not forget that Amazon’s primary agenda is to create a positive experience for all its customers and you are one of them. To know more in detail about how to save your Amazon account from suspension, you can contact Amazon marketing expert eStore Factory for the best service.

Published by Jimi Patel

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