Amazon Advertising – New Features and Changes 2018

Posted by Jimi Patel | April 6, 2018

As you might have noticed, Amazon’s advertising reports have been updated within Seller Central (if your reports are not updated yet, they will over the next few weeks). Below are some key highlights of the changes that people found helpful.

What has changed in reporting in Sponsored Products and Headline Search Ads for Sellers?

1. Amazon Sponsored Products ads are updated every hour, with data no older than 12 hours. Previously, data was updated every 4-8 hours with 48-72 hour old data which varied for each metric.

2. Sponsored Products data excludes cancelled orders.

3. Sponsored Products reports now have a custom date range in the last 60 days for product search term, purchased product, keyword, and placement reports.

4. Headline Search Ads keyword report now have a custom date range in the last 60 days for keyword report.

5. Headline Search Ads now has an account level report, which breaks down the performance of each keyword in each campaign.

How does sales attribution work for sales of a specific ASIN on Seller Central Campaign Manager?

Sponsored Products for Sellers, sales attribution is tied to the Seller advertising. After a shopper clicks on the ad, Amazon will attribute any order that shopper places for that product and any of the Seller’s other products within 7 days. Within the Campaign Manager interface, we only show 1-week attribution for same SKU and other SKU’s aggregated sales. Sponsored Products sales exclude order cancellations and payment failures.

Headline Search Ads, sales are attributed for the advertised product plus any products with the same brand as the advertised product, including sales by Amazon-sold (IP) ASINs and sales by third-party (3P) sellers. Sales are the total dollar value of your brand’s products sold to shoppers within 14 days of them clicking on your ad. Headline Search Ads attributed sales excludes cancelled orders and payment failures.

Does date in the campaign manager match data in the downloadable reports?

For both Amazon Sellers and Vendors, downloadable data is now in-line with campaign manager in terms of freshness and data granularity.