Now You Can Add Video In Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads (2020 Update)

Posted by Jimi Patel | February 11, 2020

Images are great, but videos are better. Far, far better, especially when it comes to increasing engagement and brand awareness. Amazon knows this well, so it has recently introduced videos in its Sponsored Brand Ads. With this update, now you can take the creatives of your Sponsored Brand Ads, not just one but one thousand levels up.

Sponsored Brand Ads Just Got More Visual

Sponsored Brand Ads

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The new update in Amazon Sponsored Brand ads allows advertisers toleverage the power of videocontent in their existing image-based advertisements. As of January 2020, videos in Sponsored Brand ads are visible on desktop, as you can see in the example below. So yes, now you can add video in your Sponsored Brand ads.

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Why Video, Images Weren’t Compelling Enough?

Sponsored Brand ads are all about driving brand awareness and increasing engagement. And the success of your ads depends on your ad creative. When it comes to ad creative, images and (now) videos are the star of the show. Not so surprisingly, videos tend to attract more traffic and conversions than images. Even though images still are effective, videos help you to paint your brand and give shoppers more insight into who you are as a brand. Why, you ask? Here are some of the reasons to justify this statement:

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  • Get Noticed:Videos force scrolling users to stop and pay extra attention.
  • Increase Conversions:Videos have the ability to turn shoppers into buyers.
  • Educate Customers Easily:Videos provide instant and easy-to-digest information.
  • Leaves A Lasting Impact:Videos add value and strike an emotional chord. If a picture is worth 1000 words, videos are worth 100000 words.
  • Makes You Look Like A Professional Brand:Videos help build trust like images can never.

Understanding The Anatomy Of Video Ads:

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(A) Product Details:Primary product details along with associated product information from the detail page like title, review count, star ratings and Prime eligibility are automatically displayed.

(B) Video:Video will automatically play once it’s 50% visible on the screen.

(C) Sponsored Tag:The sponsored tag will be shown on the upper right corner of the video for the first 3 seconds of the video and then it will fade out quickly. Any logo or tag should not obstruct this tag.

(D) Mute Button:It is available in the lower right corner of the video and can be used to control playback. By default, videos always start with audio. If the video is silent, the mute button won’t be displayed.

Criteria & Specifications You Should Follow For Adding Video In Sponsored Brand Ads:

File resolution 1920 x 1080px, 1280 x 720px or 3840 x 2160px
File size Smaller than 500MB
File format .MP4 or .MOV
Video duration 6-45 seconds
Minimum audio bit rate 96 kbps
Display aspect ratio 16:9

Along with meeting the above technical specifications, your ads must meet the below criteria. If they don’t meet these criteria, they can get rejected.

  • Content within the video must not obstruct the user interface. Text should always be within the safe area.
  • All the text should be legible and must be a minimum of 30 pts.
  • There should be no letterboxing or pillar boxing. Videos should not have any black bars on any side of the content.
  • To increase the understandability of the videos, it should be in the local language of the marketplace you are selling in.
  • Video should clearly highlight the brand or product promoted.

Best Practices For Video Ads:

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#1: Know Your Target Audience

Videos used for Facebook and Instagram promotions cannot be used here. Amazon customers are browsing through the search result pages with a shopping intent. They are already convinced about making a purchase. So, your video should be educational, demonstrative and product-focused.

#2: Highlight Your Product

Research conducted by Amazon shows that the videos that feature the product prominently in the first second perform better than the other products that don’t. As mentioned above, don’t waste time in telling the shoppers that they need this product and all. Don’t be arty with slow openers, instead make something that’s bright, moves and catches attention. If the first seconds are still, customers can consider it as an image.

#3: Optimize Your Ad For Sponsored Brand Ads

Videos for Sponsored Brand ads autoplay, runs without any sound, plays right in your search result pages where other products are displayed and has no option for full-screen viewing. So you need to optimize your content accordingly. Your video should be easily viewable and onscreen text should be completely visible. Consider the location of the user interface within the viewing area and make sure no important elements are obstructed.

#4: Keep It Short & Sweet

Amazon allows you to keep the video ad in between 6 to 45 seconds, but the ideal length of the ad should be around 15 seconds. Research says that when it comes to purchase intent, 15 second long ads are the clear winner. The longer your ad is the lesser will be the interest of your customers (especially the millennials). So cut the crap and keep your ad as short and to the point as possible. Remember, it’s not Avengers trailer that your customer will love to watch every microsecond of the video. Bring them to a solution (i.e., your product) immediately.

#5: Play, Repeat & Repeat

Once the video ends, it will restart automatically. You can either get creative and make the loop look completely seamless, or you can allow for some breathing room by adding an end card into the video. It is usually believed that if the video is on a constant loop, it can irritate and disinterest the customers. But as a loop is set as default on Amazon, you have no other option left but to make the video look seamless and flawless even if it’s played on a loop.

#6: Redirect The Shoppers Appropriately

Think properly about the product you are advertising in the video. If a shopper is looking for a specific product, make sure to redirect the shopper to that product page and if the video is designed to advertise multiple products from your catalog, it would be best if you take the shoppers to a page where all the advertised products are seen. This can help them make a better and quicker purchase decision.

Quick FAQ Session:

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Here are some common questions people have been asking me about adding videos in Sponsored Brand ads:

Q1: Is it different from video in search?

Video in Sponsored Brand ads is a self-service option while in video search is done with the help of a sales representative. Video in Sponsored Brand ads also has an in-UI reporting and is cost-per-click. The choice is yours.

Q2: Are the targeting options for video ads different?

No, the video ad creative has the same targeting options as other Sponsored Brand ads.

Q3: Are there any new metrics for video in Sponsored Brand ads?

Video will have the same metrics as other Sponsored Brand ads. The only difference is that it won’t be able to track new-to-brand metrics while the beta is ongoing.

Q4: Where are video ads linked to?

Shoppers will be redirected to the ASIN detail page, which you selected while creating the ad.

Q5: What is the ideal length for videos?

I would recommend keeping your videos about 15 to 30 seconds long.

Q6: Where will my ad appear?

Unlike the traditional display of Sponsored Brand ads, videos will appear below the fold in the search result pages along with other products.

What Else Is New In Amazon Advertising World?

Sponsored Display Ads:

Sponsored Display Ads will be replacing Product Display Ads, although the former is a bit different. It’s an extension of Amazon’s DSP platform where brands and sellers can retarget the shoppers who have left the product page without buying. In the beta version, there are a few targeting options being tested and all ads are served outside of Amazon. Once this ad format is rolled out to sellers, it will provide them with an excellent opportunity to expand their reach outside of Amazon and retarget both browsers and lost customers.

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Storefront Spotlight:

Storefront Spotlight showcases the attention that Amazon is giving to brands and storefronts. Instead of selecting a list of product pages, advertisers can link three pages of your storefront. You can choose the images which you want to show in the ad, as well as the title of your storefront page. This is a great way to showcase all the products within your brand. Just make sure to keep your storefront segmented and properly organized.

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Product Targeting:

Previously available to vendors in Product Display Ads, product targeting allows sellers to target specific ASINs and even entire subcategories. It provides the perfect opportunity to expand your presence beyond just bidding on keywords. Advertisers can either target specific ASINs, including competitors or even their own ASINs, to cross-sell. Subcategories can also be targeted, just use filters to narrow the searches down.

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Targeting Groups for Automatic Campaigns:

Until now, Amazon ads generated by Automatic campaigns were placed anywhere across the search result page. It was a great way to leverage Amazon’s data for running campaigns, but advertisers had little control in the placement of their ads. Automatic campaigns now have targeting groups which allow you to set different bids for Close Match, Loose Match, Substitutes and Complements. Sellers can optimize the groups based on how well they perform.

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Predictions For Amazon Advertising In 2020:

#1: Amazon will intensify focus on “building great brands.”

#2: Amazon will focus more on long term ROAS, which means building an identifiable and trusted brand.

#3: New reporting tools will be introduced for efficient campaign optimization.

#4: The product pages will become social. With the introduction of in-line video ads and Amazon Posts, your product detail page will begin to look a little more like Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Partner With The Experts:

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