Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly Program- Everything You Need To Know

Posted by Jimi Patel | February 16, 2021

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  • According to research by National Retail Federation and IBM, more than 70% of the shoppers prefer eco-conscious brands.
  • The U.S. sustainability market is projected to reach $150 billion in sales by 2021, according to Nielsen.
  • In a survey, shoppers have said that they don’t mind paying more for sustainably-produced products

Amazon accounts for more than 50% of the total online sales. Considering that nearly 70% of these shoppers prefer buying eco-friendly products, highlighting your products as “green & clean” can prove to be very beneficial for your brand. One of the best ways to make your sustainable products more prominent is by getting the Climate Pledge Friendly badge. What does it mean? How can sellers get “Climate Pledge Friendly?” Keep reading to learn everything about the program.

What is Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly?

What is Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly?

Climate Pledge Friendly is a green initiative designed to make it easier for shoppers to discover and shop for sustainable products on Amazon. Brands selling eco-friendly products can boast the Climate Pledge Friendly label on their listings to inform consumers. The retail giant has also created a dedicated store page allowing shoppers to browse through various categories and shop for products with the green label.

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The label already appears on more than 25000 listings and is clearly visible eight below the title and rating stars. Climate Friendly selection of products are found across grocery, household, fashion, beauty, and personal electronics products, as well as items from a range of other categories—from brands including Seventh Generation, Burt’s Bees Baby, Honest Company, and HP Inc.

Note that Amazon gives this badge to products and not brand as a whole. So even one or two of your products may still be eligible for the badge while others are not.

Why does getting the badge matter so much?

The Climate Pledge Friendly initiative supports Amazon’s commitment to building a sustainable business for its shoppers and the planet. “Climate Pledge Friendly is a simple way for customers to discover more sustainable products that help preserve the natural world,” said Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. By launching Climate Pledge Friendly wants to reach the Paris Agreement (a legally binding international treaty on climate change) 10 years early and be net-zero carbon by the year 2040. This program will make it easier for the shoppers to make sustainable purchases and eventually, Amazon will be able to align with its commitment to a sustainable future.

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So it won’t be a surprise if Amazon favors the products having a Climate Pledge Friendly badge over those who don’t. In the example below, you can see a dedicated Climate Pledge Friendly module in the search result page when a shopper is looking for “organic shampoo,” and qualifying products are labeled within search results.

For many categories, the SERP looks like this:

Row 1: Amazon Sponsored Ads
Row 2: Top 4 organic ranking products
Row 3: Climate Pledge Friendly products
Row 4: Editorial recommendations
Row 5: More organic products

This is why you should not miss getting this badge if your product is eligible. Not only will you be able to get an edge over your competitors by being the greener option, but Amazon will also prioritize and favor your organic rankings. Besides, you will also bring in front of more eyeballs by getting featured in Amazon’s very own storefront.


  • The Climate-Friendly badge is prominently displayed on the search result pages and the product detail page
  • Eligible products get prime placement on page #1
  • Your products can get featured on Amazon’s dedicated storefront for the program

How to get the badge?

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The program is open to all sellers and there is no fee to participate. To get the coveted badge on your listing, your product must be certified by at least one of Amazon’s third-party certifications or be certified by Amazon’s Compact by Design initiative. The third-party organization includes governmental agencies, non-profits, and independent laboratories. Here’s the complete list:

  1. ENERGY STAR Most Efficient – Most efficient carbon reduction products
  2. Fairtrade International – A product that pays fair share (not below market price) and addresses the injustice of conventional trade
  3. EPEAT – For eco-conscious electronics
  4. Green Seal – Products that have reduced environmental impact
  5. Bluesign – Products are manufactured using safer chemicals and fewer resources
  6. ECOLOGO – Products and packaging that support reduced environmental impact
  7. Carbon Free Certified – A product that uses an entirely carbon-free approach
  8. Cradle to Cradle Certified – A safer, more sustainable products made for the circular economy
  9. Forest Stewardship Council
  10. Responsible Wool Standard – A product that takes into account the welfare of sheep and the land they graze on
  11. Organic Content Standard 100 – A textile product is made with at least 95% organically grown materials
  12. Global Organic Textile Standard – A product that complies with the stringent rules for ecological and socially responsible textile production standards
  13. Reducing CO2 – A product’s carbon footprint is declining year on year
  14. Global Recycled Standard – A product is made with at least 50% recyclable material
  15. Rainforest Alliance – A product that uses sustainable farming methods that helps improves a farmer’s livelihood
  16. Recycled Claim Standard 100 – A textile product is made with at least 95% recycled materials
  17. Recycled Claim Standard Blended – A product that contains at least 5% recycled materials
  18. Made in Green by Oeko-Tex – A textile product tested for harmful substances and sustainable manufacturing

What is Amazon’s Compact by Design Certification?

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Alongside, Amazon has also launched its own sustainability certification called Compact By Design, an initiative aimed to identify products that are designed efficiently and require less packaging, ultimately reducing the carbon footprint. The products will not necessarily look different, but with the removal of excess air and water, they become easier to ship. To qualify for Compact by Design, products must have best-in-class “unit efficiency.” To calculate the unit efficiency of a product, Amazon uses various attributes such as package dimensions, item weight, and the number of units.

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Compact by Design Unit Efficiency formula (Image reference: Amazon)

To certify for Compact by Design, a product must have a qualifying unit efficiency, be in an eligible category and be enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry program.

Step by step instruction:

  • View all the websites to identify the certifications you can get.
  • Gather all the documents and take the necessary steps to get the certifications from any one of them. You can learn more about the certifications and the requirements on their website.
  • Once you receive the certificate, make sure the information is updated in your listing
  • The badge should appear automatically and if it doesn’t, contact seller support and submit all the documents

Tip: Getting the badge is easier said than done. The application process demands the time you don’t have. Partnering with an Amazon Account Management agency can make the process smoother.

It’s the era of climate change. Being sustainable won’t be an option then

Amazon’s efforts to become greener are robust and ongoing. It is likely that Amazon will continue to favor the products that align with its goal of making sustainable living commonplace. The benefits aren’t short-term either. This means that early enrollment into this program can be extremely rewarding. But positioning yourself as a “green brand” takes more than just getting the badge. Your images, copy, Amazon Enhanced Brand Content and all the assets should scream sustainable.

Brands hoping to make the most of this program can always partner with Amazon consultants from eStore Factory.

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