Benefits of adding Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) to your Amazon listings

Posted by Jimi Patel | December 14, 2018

Do your products need an extra sales boost? Or do you already have an outstanding sales record and want to continue dominating in the market against your competitors? Create Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) for your products and help them get more visibility, conversion rates, and sales.

Enhanced Brand Content

What is Amazon Enhanced Brand Content?

Exclusively for only Amazon Third Party Brand sellers (3P), Enhanced Brand content or the EBC is a tool aimed to enhance the product description with visually rich content and lifestyle images that convey a brand story for your product.

Displayed on the listing page of the product, it replaces the product description and provides you the opportunity to showcase key features and benefits of your product and brand via images, content & soon video! This one-page brochure can help you to increase conversion rates and set your brand apart from the competition.

To whom is EBC available?

Sellers who have re-applied and registered under Amazon’s 2.0 versions that took place in March 2017 are allowed to get the advantages of Enhanced Brand Content.

How to create EBC?


How much does it cost?

Currently, it’s free of cost after you have registered your Brand. As the number of sellers using this facility is increasing day by day, we anticipate that shortly a fee will be implemented. We encourage sellers to take advantage of creating EBC now before Amazon starts charging on it. Even if you have to outsource someone to create EBC for your products, it is an investment that will pay you dividends for years to come.

Is EBC Mobile friendly?

When a buyer used to search a product on Amazon, old brand registry used to show the only description in mobile phones and not EBC but, very few sellers are aware that now Amazon Branding 2.0 offers EBC on mobile phones and so sellers should take advantage of the new brand registry. And so, the EBC option from your mobile will now allow a potential buyer to be able to see everything from the title to the pictures to the description without having to click to a new page.

What are the benefits of creating EBC?

Sellers have very less time to convert a visitor to a customer. Once a visitor has opened your listing you have only seconds to keep the visitor engaged. Enhanced Listing Amazon is a great opportunity which can help you further engage your audience.

1. Unique features of your product: Important and exceptional features which are not added in the bullet points of your product listing can easily be added and highlighted in EBC so that it can help a buyer to make a distinctive purchase.

2. Add Infographic Images: People are naturally visual, and images always have an emotional connecting factor. The first things a visitor will look in your listing are images, and if they are appealing and relevant enough then, it is more likely that they’ll make a purchase.

3. Opportunities to get higher conversion rates: Adding Amazon EBC Service to your product’s listing pages will increase traffic to your page as well as increase the conversion rates.

4. Build Brand Awareness: When a customer compares two products of the same category he/she will tend to remember only the product with more information of the product and the brand and EBC helps to add all of them in your listings. Amazon EBC Tool draws a feeling of confidence in the brand value in the customer’s mind.

5. Reduces product returns and negative reviews: EBC helps to convey the complete information of the product and when a customer who knows what to expect from the product is less likely to come back to post a negative review or ask for a return.

Some of our best Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) On Amazon


best Amazon EBC Creations

Amazon EBC Creations

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