Benefits Of Opening eBay Store with eBay Fees Structure

Posted by Jimi Patel | March 9, 2017

Millions of people across the world shop online at the marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and much more. Obviously, fortunes of many sellers have changed over the years because of the surge in e-commerce and the emergence of professional services to help them in their endeavor. It has grabbed third position in the Ecommerce Bytes 2017 survey. It does not matter that you have experience in selling or not because selling is relatively easier on such marketplaces. Recently, eBay has made some major changes in its fee structure, and it deserves a look. If you are thinking to open an online eBay store, it becomes even more important to develop an understanding of the recent changes.

Increase in eBay store fee from May onwards

eBay has recently announced that the fees for eBay stores will increase for items that have a listed pricing of more than $150. New store subscription fees will be now $12 more for basic stores and $30 more for premium stores on an annual plan. Even the auction stores will now cost $360 more per quarter, but they will get benefitted with a dedicated customer service. The changes are not only limited to the fee. From now onwards, the active content will become non-existent. Moreover, there will be a revised user agreement.

You may be thinking that opening an eBay store is not a lucrative idea, but hold on! With an availability of affordable eBay SEO services and much more, opening an eBay store is actually wonderful. It is widely speculated that most of the sellers who start an online store on eBay get an approximate 25% increase in their overall sales and that too within a small period of three months. Now, this sounds amazing!

Benefits of opening an eBay store

  • Buyers trust more when you have an online store in a reputed marketplace like eBay
  • There is a maximum exposure of your products via the cross-promotional tools of eBay
  • Greater reach of your products with 167 active eBay buyers across the world
  • Enhanced visibility of your products in the online search results
  • More possibility of having repeat customers if your products and customer service is outstanding
  • Increased protection and no worries about security while selling your products online

Apart from the above benefits, eBay also offers free ebay listing and monthly sales report, which means you can just relax after opening an online ebay store. Apart from the above benefits, eBay also offers free ebay listings and monthly sales report, which means you can just relax after opening an eBay store. Yes, your concerns are genuine especially in the wake of the announcement of the changes in the eBay fees, but it is also an undeniable fact that there is a whopping number of eBay users.

However, in spite of all these benefits, if you are still apprehensive about making adequate number of sales each month, just hire a reputed eBay SEO service provider. Many of such providers also offer services to design your eBay store that makes it look unique over the popular marketplace and attracts a large number of visitors leading to more sales. Just visit at eStore Factory is one such provider that caters to a worldwide clientele and offers extremely reliable and affordable SEO services for the eBay sellers.

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