Build Your Brand On Amazon In Five Simple Steps

Posted by Jimi Patel | March 22, 2019

Brand – if you build it, they will definitely come again!

Being noticed in a plethora of similar products is a challenge every Amazon seller faces. In the highly profitable yet unpredictable Amazon ecosystem, you are directly competing with more than 2 million sellers. Shoppers are sifting through so many products, looking for the best bang for their bucks. The only way seller will be able to differentiate your product from other products is by building a brand and by generating awareness for your brand. Right keywords, PPC tactics, and listing optimization can help you come on the top, but it’s your brand that will help you stay there.

What Is Brand Awareness?

Do you think brands like Apple, McDonalds, Audi or Nike need an introduction? This is exactly termed as brand awareness. It represents how familiar your target audience is with your brand and how well they recognize it.

Is It Worth The Hype?
The answer is YES.
Is It Worth The Hype

Whether you have a flourishing Amazon business or are a newbie seller, who has just launched a product, you simply cannot ignore the importance of having a robust brand. Adding keywords in your listing and running PPC campaigns will bring new customers but a brand will motivate them to come back again and again and again and again. Creating a brand is like investing in a profitable scheme where you can enjoy dividends for years to come.

We have listed some of the many benefits of building a brand:

  • Buyers will have fewer misconceptions about your products. They will see you the way you want them to see.
  • You will stay ahead of the un-winnable price war. Mercedes is way too expensive, said no one ever.
  • You will stand out among your competitors.
  • A strong, healthy brand sticks in the customer’s mind, so you will be top in their list next time they need your product.
  • You will get noticed by your ideal customers.
  • You can expand your opportunities beyond Amazon. You will have a thriving business with your own loyal customer base which will follow you everywhere.

Still, don’t believe us? We will take the help of an example. Every heard of Yeti? For those who don’t know, this big brand sells its “manly” products like coolers for $399.

Amazon Products

Are these coolers so good? Probably. Can you get a similar quality cooler at a cheaper rate? Definitely. But people still choose to buy from Yeti. This is the power of a brand. When customers are paying $399 for a cooler, they are not actually purchasing the cooler but buying the brand name.

Believe it or not, Amazon is the most convenient, safe and accessible platform sellers can leverage to build their brand. About 53.4% of customers are more willing to buy from a brand they are not familiar with on Amazon than any other online retail platform. But how to build your brand presence on Amazon?

Here are 5 “Tried & Tested” ways to build a brand on Amazon. By implementing these ways, you won’t be just another product in the crowded marketplace:

#1 Create A Perception Of Your Brand:

Whenever a shopper hears about your brand or product, what is the mental picture that comes to their mind? Your copy, images, brand name, logo, and your product, everything should be in sync with the essence and purpose of your brand. Brand name and logo are petty things that play an important role in this because they draw a primary sketch in the buyer’s mind. Sellers must also clarify the purpose of selling the product. Choosing a purpose which has an emotional element can help customers effectively connect with your brand identity.

#2 Get Your Brand Registered On Amazon, ASAP:

Getting brand registry is a pre-requisite for building a brand on Amazon. It gives sellers with so many privileges which include Enhanced Brand Content (for sellers), A+ Content (for vendors), Storefront and Sponsored Brand Ads. All of these are intended to accelerate brand recognition and drive traffic on your listing. Plus, the brand registry also protects your products from hijackers.

Amazon EBC and A+ Content offer some serious perks to the sellers who are looking to improve the look and feel of their product detail page. Not just that, these content tools have shown to increase sales by 5% or more in the first year. Sponsored Brand Ads are placed prominently above the organic search results, making them more noticeable and impactful than any other paid promotions. As their name suggests, this type of PPC ad will make your brand stand out amongst the pool of competitors and increase the chances of your product being seen by holiday shoppers. Amazon Store or Storefront will give your customers a website-like shopping experience. The shoppers can discover the full range of your products along with the best sellers and recommended products.

#3 Polish Your Listing Content:

The way you write your listing copy reveals a lot about your brand. Ask yourself; does your Amazon description connects with your customer? While reading your Amazon copy, shoppers want to feel like they are talking to an in-store salesperson.

Sellers should always be aware of their target audience. You will speak differently to a CEO and a group of college going teenagers. Same applies to your brand. A kid’s clothing brand will have a playful and fun brand voice while adult’s clothing brand will emphasize sophistication and luxury.

  • Your little one will feel like a real superhero in this ironman tee from Kid’s Space!
  • Make a statement in this black ruffled front crop top!

Lastly, you should always emphasize on “why” customers should buy from you and “what” makes you different from hundreds of other Amazon sellers selling more or less similar products. Telling a brand story can help. Describe as to why and how your brand was founded. For eg: We have developed a range of cruelty-free makeup products to protest against animal testing.

#4 Build Off Amazon Presence:

Maximum of your potential customers are most likely to perform online searches of your brand name off Amazon on platforms like Google and Facebook before they decide to make a purchase on Amazon. Doing online product research is easier than ever, which means that your customers will have quick access to your competitors as well. You want to make sure that you have a strong presence beyond Amazon so that your customer will perceive your brand as a legitimate and trustworthy.

Build Off Amazon Presence

How can your brand be present outside of Amazon?

  • Create a website that clearly describes your brand mission, vision, and products
  • Presence on social media accounts with lifestyle content
  • Positive customer reviews and feedback on Google, Facebook, Yelp and other relevant review sites
  • Increase the popularity of brand #hashtags on social media
  • Host contest and giveaways
  • Promote your Amazon listing by partnering with influencers

These tactics also allow you to hook customers who are not already on Amazon to check out your listing.

#5 Create Attractive Packaging:

Receiving an online-ordered product is like receiving a present so, product packaging should go beyond just cardboard and tape. Innovative and customized packaging is a great marketing tool which drives home the brand messaging and positions you as an established brand. Providing attractive packaging with your brand logo will help customers remember your brand next time they are shopping.

Create Attractive Packaging:

Even if you choose FBA as your fulfillment channel and your product are packed in Amazon-branded boxes, you can still create eye-catching packaging of your product or put an insert card with a customized message to leave a lasting impression in the minds of customers. Everything is allowed, as long as you follow Amazon guidelines.

Tip: Don’t forget to include packaging photos in your Amazon listing, so your customers are more likely to buy your product and even as a gift.

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Published by Jimi Patel

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