eBay Announced New Active Content Policy- Affecting eBay Sellers

Posted by Jimi Patel | January 5, 2018

eBay has come up with its latest decision of banning the Active content for its sellers. They have now come up with the fresh policies that eBay sellers have to abide. The E-Commerce platform has not set any particular date for banning the active content. However, they have strictly issued policies for the sellers to set their stores in the right form. According to an announcement, the sellers have to make changes in their eBay store and templates.

What is Active Content?

Active Content is anything that includes the plug-ins, JavaScript and Flash. It also includes many types of actions as videos, rotating slideshows, cross-selling widgets and shipping calculators. Even it includes the form actions with drop-down menus for the eBay product listing services. It should only include the CSS and the HTML elements. This averts any action that is performed by the third party and should be removed within the year 2017.

Reasons to Remove Active Content

The eBay has put forth many reasons to remove the active content policy from their platform as it affects the following.

  • Nearly 58% of people who visit the E-Commerce platform come from the mobile devices. This has a huge impact on the users as most of the times active content restricts the mobile purchasing activities.
  • Moreover, the active content takes more time to load the web page. According to a survey, 40% of people will abandon using the eBay if it takes more than 3 seconds to load a web page.
  • This will cause a huge loss to the sellers as the mobile users will find all this frustrating, and they will never visit the website again. The removal of active content will speed up the loading time and will increase traffic too. This will improve eBay SEO services as rendered by professionals like eStore Factory.
  • Active Content causes many concerns about the security issues that includes the introduction of the malware. For controlling this issue, the eBay has decided to remove the third-party plug-ins.

Major Effect on the eBay Sellers

As Google has issued guidelines for making the E-Commerce platforms mobile-friendly, the removal of active content is seen in a good light. eBay has nearly 168 million active users, so the elimination has become important for the eBay listing optimization. However, the major effects on the sellers are as below.

  • This will distort the product listing and lead to losing a buyer
  • Disfiguring of the listing items
  • People will not be able to read the texts correctly
  • Buyers will not understand the seller’s product listings and what does it exactly sell
  • Poor performance on the Mobile devices
  • The removal of plug-ins will leave a negative space in one’s product listing
  • Slow loading of the templates the eBay store
  • Poor impact on the traffic of the store, the sales and the revenue generation


The banning of the Active Content has come as a huge task for the eBay sellers who have thousands of listing. The removal of the content is possible only for sellers with few listings. An estimate states that editing of 1500 listings will take nearly 85 hours. For solving this problem, one can contact the best E-Commerce SEO provider and company eStore Factory. Their professionals have specific tools to solve this issue.

Published by Jimi Patel

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