eBay Rolled Out Major Updates To Its Existing Mobile Apps

Posted by Jimi Patel | February 17, 2017

Mobile Market has seen an increase in the recent years as most of the companies and online shopping giants are dependent upon the Mobile Marketing too. Most of the users do shopping through their iPhones, iPad or Smartphones. Therefore, the online E-commerce retailer eBay has issued some updates for its mobile apps that will now make it comfortable for the users to scroll and order the products.

Most of the sellers of the products on eBay are happy with the technical updates as the users can easily search the products with the help of eBay listing optimization. Nearly 314 million users have downloaded eBay apps, as the company has done the updates and the customers are happy with utility, design and navigation updates. Most of the sellers for getting the eBay related services can connect with eStore Factory.

Here are some of the areas where eBay has registered the update:

Navigating through the App

The users can now easily navigate through the app in a seamless manner as they can search for the product they want. The iOS users can use the navigation drawer and simplified horizontal bar. As for Android devices, it is called the Hamburger Menu that is proving helpful for the users and they can be able to see their search history too.

Speed and Design

Most of the users who are shopping from the online portals may face problems related to the speed of loading a particular page. The situation may arise because of the design of the app and this can hold the users from scrolling in a seamless manner. For this, eBay has introduced Material Design for Android devices and users can look for a great user experience.

Searching the Items Easily

People can now search the items easily as eBay has updated its application’s version and usage of native navigation system in the app has made it easier for the customers to search for a particular item. eBay SEO service provided by the company like eStore Factory has assisted many sellers to sell their products easily with the updated eBay app. The users will now be able to search the product with related keywords in an easy way.

Simplified User Interface

With the updating of eBay apps, the technology used in it is of simplified UI and a personalized touch is being provided to the app with overall customization too. The users will now be able to find the tailored items that will suit with their shopping needs and preferences from the app store. The personalized touch has been provided to the Interface, the insights and the data.

Shop and Sell

People who are scrolling through eBay are sellers and customers, and the updated app has many discoverable features. People can now shop from the 800 million products presented on eBay. Even the users who want to sell can consult eBay listing specialist who can help you with the person who is selling things on eBay to list their products.


The eBay apps help the users to shop as well as the retailers or individuals to sell their products with the help of customized listings and features. People can also take the services from the companies like eStore Factory that provides eBay related services to their clients.

Published by Jimi Patel

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