Effects Of eBay’s Active Content Ban On Its Listing Services In 2017

Posted by Jimi Patel | March 3, 2017

he active content ban by eBay for Spring 2017 is going to affect the content from the seller’s listings, as they no longer will be able to include Flash or JavaScript into their listings. Thus, the dynamic catalog and contents will not work for the third party sellers. The eBay product listing services regarding the active content will be removed entirely by the Fall of 2017. Until then, eBay has given enough time to the sellers to make changes to the listing from active content as the company like eStore Factory is there to provide the services. Here are some basic points regarding the active content ban in 2017.

Active Content will not be Shown

With the new policy of eBay, the active content will be banned by this year and third party sellers will not be able to upload anything in a dynamic format. The Flash and JavaScript used in the listing will not work whereas the static HTML content will work seamlessly. The active content in the existing and new listings will no longer be shown as this affects the loading of the product page. The decision was taken in the wake of averting any kind of security risk or inhibiting the purchase of the mobile devices.

Effect on Videos of Products

The videos about the products play an important role in describing the product content and its unique features. However, with the active content ban, the YouTube videos will not play on eBay. Still, for increasing sales on eBay, the HTML5 video will be allowed as uploading the MP4 video in the hosting place will definitely help the sellers. It is compatible with many browsers, eBay apps and even can run seamlessly on the Smartphones too.

Provision of time to make Changes

eBay has provided time to the third party sellers to make changes in the contents of the product listings. They have given time until June 2017 to the sellers to remove active content from the listings and one can get an alternative to various plug-ins, flash, widgets, live chat widgets, scrolling galleries, JavaScript. The alternative provided for the active content are HTML and the CSS. The eBay SEO will also be affected with the listings, as the active content will be replaced with alternatives and the third party need to comply with the new policies on time.

View on Mobile Devices

With a ban on active content as stated by eBay in order to maintain the security of the product listings, the HTML and CSS developed content will be compatible with the mobile devices. The product listing in the static content will help the viewers to view the products, and loading of the pages will be fast as compared during the usage of the active content.


Therefore, the third party sellers need to start working now on eBay product listing services so that they do not have to wait for their content features to stop functioning. For that, they can take services from the experts at eStore Factory who are experienced with eBay related templates.

Published by Jimi Patel

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