Escalate Sales with Three Potent Amazon Content Tools

Posted by Jimi Patel | January 11, 2019

Amazon, the world’s largest eRetailer is accounted for nearly 60% of the online sales in the U.S. But selling on Amazon has its own perks and downside. With the vast customer base, there is a cut-throat competition among the sellers and brands. The outcome? Sellers, as well as big brands, are leaving no stone unturned to attract buyers to their detail pages. It turns out that along with marketing and advertisement, engaging content can also work to increase sale.

Over the past few years, the retail giant has rolled out some new features that can help refurbish your detail page and give your customers an enhanced buying experience. It has introduced three different enhanced content programs:

  • A+ Content
  • A+ Premium Content
  • Enhanced Brand Content

What is Amazon Basic A+ Content?

A+ Basic Content and A+ Premium Content is the 1st party seller exclusive service, applicable for the distributors and manufacturers participating in Amazon Vendor Central, an invite-only program where the vendors directly sell their products to Amazon at wholesale prices and Amazon then sell these products with a tag “Ship and Sold by Amazon

The basic version of A+ Content is free for all the vendors. There are various modules which allow you to showcase the unique product features with the help of crisp text placements, life-like images, impactful headers, and comparison chart, where you can display the wide array of products.

Amazon A+ Content

Amazon Basic A+ Content?

Steps to make A+ Basic Content:

Vendors can either build their own A+ Basic Content, or they can have Amazon build it for a fee. If you decide to build A+ Content on your own, here are the steps:

1. Log into Vendor Central
2. From the Merchandising Menu, select A+ Detail Pages
3. Choose Self Service
4. Enter your ASIN and create a project. A vendor can use the same A+ Detail Page for multiple ASINs, to simplify bulk content creation.
5. Drag and drop the modules to create your unique layout. There are 12 different modules out of which 10 are standard and 2 are advanced. For every page, you can use a maximum of 5 modules.
6. Add content and images
7. Review and Add to Cart
8. Place Order

Your A+ Detail Page will go in the review, where Amazon will approve or reject the content within seven days. Vendors must follow the stringent guidelines for images and content to increase the likelihood of the page getting approved.

Benefits of Amazon A+ Basic Content:

A+ Content not only highlights the unique product but creates a dynamic view of the product. It appeals both – the product skimmers who prefer to just glance at the images and the intelligent buyers who scour each and every word you write. Vendors can also convey their brand story and showcase their brand assets and ethics which can help build brand awareness, maximize trust and retain customer interest.

According to Amazon, educating your prospective buyers with content tools like Enhanced Brand Content and A+ Content can magnify the sales by 3 to 10%. If created the right way, it can majorly contribute towards escalating your conversion rates. To ensure success, it is recommended to use A+ Content for products that are already driving traffic and have unique features or robust brand story.

What is Amazon Premium A+ Content?

For selected vendors, Amazon has opened the option of Premium A+ Content, also known as A++ Content. It is an invite-only option available to huge brands like Dove, Sony, Bose and a few more. The exclusive features include HD images, HD videos, FAQ drop downs, image slider galleries, fast add to cart option and interactive comparison charts.

Amazon Premium A+ Content

Premium A+ Content on Amazon

What is Amazon Enhanced Brand Content?

Enhanced Brand Content is a similar program to Amazon Basic A+ Content; the only difference is that it’s for sellers selling through Seller Central. Brands, resellers or distributors who have permission to sell on behalf of another brand, manufacturers, and brands participating in Amazon Exclusive and Amazon Launch pad are applicable for creating EBC. The only eligibility criteria required to create EBC is a brand registry. As Amazon EBC Service is in a promotional period, it is free for all the sellers.

Enhanced Brand Content

Amazon EBC

Steps to make Enhanced Brand Content:
1. In Seller Central, go to Advertising tab and click on Enhanced Brand Content
2. Enter SKU for which you want to create EBC
3. Select the template of your choice. There are total 5 predefined and 1 customized template.
4. Add your images and text
5. When you are done submit the EBC. Once uploaded, your EBC will be rejected or approved within seven days.

Common mistakes to avoid:

  • Avoid use of blurry images
  • Use 14pt or larger fonts on images. Fonts should not be bold
  • Do not mention competitor’s product
  • Do not add any company contact information like website or email address
  • Do not use trademark and copyright symbols
  • Do write warranty and guarantee information

Let Us Build Your EBC or A+ Detail Pages

Successfully creating A+ Detail page or Enhanced Brand Content requires more than just adding product images and listing out the features, that’s where we come in. Our strategic approach to designing the pages have increased sales for many of the high volume sellers. Experts at the eStore factory have a thorough knowledge of design, copywriting, SEO, editing and the uncompromising Amazon policies. Your EBC and Amazon A+ Content Pages will not only be successfully published but will be a potent converter for your product.

Published by Jimi Patel

Jimi Patel, is a Co-founder and CEO at eStore Factory, an Amazon SPN certified agency that serves as a one-stop solution for all your Amazon business needs. Having helped countless brands increase sales and grow their footprint on Amazon, Jimi provides the most practical and effective solutions for your business. He is highly skilled in developing and executing plans that align with your specific business goals and objectives. When not working, Jimi enjoys practicing yoga and traveling to new places. He is an avid reader and enjoys staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the e-commerce industry.

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