Exclusive Brand Content Strategy from Amazon for Third Party Sellers

Posted by Jimi Patel | January 13, 2017

Amazon has become a great platform for the sellers to display their products and reach to large customer audience on global platform. Many companies provide Amazon Services delivered in an efficient manner by their expert professionals. The focus of every vendor is to sell the products to their target audience and get good return on investments. For this, Amazon is offering another product for the third party seller’s community of specific brands that is known as Enhanced Brand Content or EBC.

It is an A+ tool that enables the sellers to rectify the description field of their products and to describe the 3Ps in distinctive ways, which includes brand story, text placements and enhanced images. The Amazon Consultant from eStore Factory helps the vendors to use in order to get enhanced conversion rates, large amount of sales and more traffic on their online shopping site. Enhanced Brand Content is open only for the sellers who have received approval as the brand owners via Amazon’s Brand Registration Procedure.

Impact of EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) on Amazon’s Sellers related to Third Party

The impact of EBC program will be provided to the 3P sellers under the Amazon Brand Registry program for the paid conversion rates of advertisements. According to an example – “If the seller is selling a specific brand sunglasses and then advertisement is done through the sponsored products. However, with the usage of EBC, the seller will be able to display its features like the contrast, mirrors, polarization, lens, etc.

Even the sellers will be able to make their brand quality distinct by competing and describing the unique brand story of their product. Amazon SEO experts can help the sellers in communicating the brand story with the help of EBC fields and the usage of relevant keywords concerning the product. Under the EBC, the content will contain multiple product images, close-ups, different views of a particular product of the seller, lifestyle photos of the product and so on. Even these elements contain videos, comparison charts and the 360 view. Therefore, consumers actually know what products they are purchasing as EBC contains “What’s in the Box” list.

Know-How about Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) to the Third-Party Brand Sellers

The newer Amazon Marketing Strategy bring forth the EBC for its seller’s community who sell their own branded products and are registered with the online Amazon Brand Registry community. The introduction of Enhanced Brand Content is helping the sellers to sell their products in a unique way on the global platform. With this, the customers will not only come to know about your product information but the requisite information will increase the conversion of seller’s product.

Amazon Seller Consulting agency like eStore Factory is aware of different aspects of EBC. The professionals are helping the sellers with enhanced listing, quoting of premium prices of products, driving the traffic to the website and so on. Here are some of the important points that will make it clearer:

Fees of the EBC program – On an initial stage, EBC is free of cost for the sellers, as they will not be charged any amount as it is under the promotional period. As the Amazon will not keep this program free for much time so the seller’s community is encouraged to use it. However, in any case, Amazon is going to charge for it the seller’s existing brand content will remain on the page.

Accessibility and Requirements – Enhanced Brand Content tool is open for the sellers that are registered under Amazon Brand Registry. It is only open to brand registered sellers but the tool is not open for some categories like media, digital, video or book categories. As Amazon is rolling out new features every time, so new sellers may not be able to see it in an immediate manner.

Video – As a tool under Amazon Marketing, the videos about the product may not be uploaded now since the extraordinary features will be arriving soon online. With the arrival of new features, it will be only announced to all the registered owners of branded products so one should seek for the brand registry. Here, EBC should not be mixed with Amazon related Business Enhance Content, as EBC help you to enhance your content with media-rich features.

Submission – The content from the seller side under EBC is either selected or rejected within 7 days of its submission. The sellers can publish the content on all ASINs that one owns as a Global Catalog Identifier (GCID), which is for the registered brand owners. With this program, Amazon allows some 20 pending submissions at one time and do not allow any HTML content.

Violations – The Amazon service provider helps the sellers to know about the content that 3Ps should not include and will be rejected by Amazon system:

1. If the company refers as a distributor or seller and provides company’s phone or contact details
2. Any kind of Promotional information or mentioning the prices as for example “the cheapest gadget on Amazon” and much more
3. Thorough Information about the shipping of products like the shipping timelines or free of cost shipping
4. Use of registered symbols, copyrights or trademark in provided images or textual messages
5. Boastful contents such as hottest item, top-notch selling products or No.1 item for selling
6. Specific Time Period related information about the product like the latest products in the New Year or on the Sale products
7. Details about reviews given by the consumers from other sites or Amazon
8. Adding third-party quotations or editorial content from the outside sources such as television shows and magazines
9. Lower quality images or the text that is unreadable.
10. Any guarantees or warranties of any nature.
11. Logos from brand that is not yours or having end number of logos from many brands on an image.
12. Mention of products used for criminal activity and much more.


With the help of EBC, the Amazon product ranking service provided by the professionals will improve. The seller will be able to reach out to a large number of customers with the help of enhanced content and will be reaching out to the target audiences too. The Amazon service provider agencies like eStore Factory helps the sellers listed on Amazon to promote their products.

Published by Jimi Patel

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