Facebook Guide: Choosing the right Ad Type For Retailers

Posted by Jimi Patel | July 21, 2017

Facebook is the biggest business platform that provides sophisticated goals to the retail marketers to reach the largest audiences. Millions of users make use of this social platform so it has become the hot favorite for the marketers for the product promotion. The retail marketers use the Facebook for the launch of newer products, new discounted offers, and ecommerce SEO. In totality, the Facebook has taken a forefront in the Social Media Marketing Concept. Retailers can use many Retail Ad Types for marketing of their products and services. Here are some of the top Facebook Ad Types for the present-day retail marketing:

Get Famous with Canvas Ads

This kind of Ads helps in website conversion and brand awareness. It helps the users to get a closer view of the Retailer’s Ads while zooming, tilting or switching the ads. This helps in getting more information about the products. It arouses the sense of excitement as soon as the customers come across Canvas Ads as this fascinates and appeals to them.

Reach to Maximum Users with Newsfeed Ads

The Page Post Link or the Newsfeed Ads are in trend in the present times. The display pictures in the link posted by the retailers are large enough to catch user’s attention. This is best for promoting one’s external website via posting external links. The retailers can post the link description and the text in order to explain the product offer in a better way.

Choose Visually Attractive Carousel Ads

The Carousel Ads helps in creating Brand Awareness and generates clicks for the Retailers website. This is helpful in advertising multiple products and services. One can take the help of ecommerce solution providers to create visually attractive and interactive ads for the users. These Facebook Ads are mobile friendly as they create better conversion rates. The design for this Ad type includes 90 text characters, 40 headline characters, images with minimum text and 20 link description characters.

Fetching Contact Information for Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads are generating more leads for the retailers than the tedious landing pages of the website. The Subscribe button beside the link of the Ad helps the users to submit their personal information. This is mobile friendly so people can register via their mobile devices too. The signing up by the customers automatically submits the information with the Retailers and helps in lead generation. The Facebook users can sign up for company’s newsletters, estimated price, follow up by the company, etc. that helps the marketers to perform seo for ecommerce and expand their business.

Touch Point or Traffic Generation Facebook Ads

The goal of this Ad is to retargets and drives more customers to the retailer’s website. This comes under traffic generation or the initial touch point ads. Even it covers the new users who have come across the company’s promotional offers for the first time. This type of Ad may cost higher per-click but could be lower click-through-rate for conversion. However, the cost factor decreases with the help of graphical searches, audiences, user’s insight and A/B test for counting the performance.

In Nutshell

These Top Facebook Ad Types along with the other options like the Dynamic Ads, Domain Ads, Video Ads, Collection Ads and Offer Ads attracts larger user audience. The retail marketers can take the ecommerce solutions from eStore Factory to increase their conversion rate and multi channel ecommerce support. This will help in making a large amount of profit. However, mostly Ad experts recommend the Dynamic Ads to achieve better performance.

Published by Jimi Patel

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