Five White Hat Tricks To Get Reviews On Amazon

Posted by Jimi Patel | March 1, 2019

In the digital world, a buyer cannot touch or feel the product so the only way they can know about the performance and quality of the product is through reviews. Even if you have eye-catching imagery and compelling content, the customer won’t buy your product if it has no reviews. Reviews act as social proof and positive reviews make a world of difference in making sales.

The more reviews people see, the more likely they are to buy the product. According to research, a product with 4.3 star 100 reviews has more possibilities of selling than a product with 10 reviews having a rating of 4.9 stars. But getting reviews on Amazon is not a piece of cake, because more than 90% of the customers do not leave a review and as per Amazon’s stringent quality guidelines, you cannot directly ask a customer for reviews in exchange of product. But we have combined a few white hat tricks; Amazon sellers should know to get reviews on their listing.

Get Reviews On Amazon

Difference Between Product Reviews & Feedback:

Before knowing the methods to generate reviews, as a seller, it is very essential for you to know the exact difference between review and feedback. Amazon collects two types of reviews, namely Feedback and Reviews. Product reviews are about the product you sell and feedback is your report card as a seller. Reviews are prominently featured on the product page, just under the title. Feedback is not related to a single listing but intended to report seller’s performance history. They prove to be important when several sellers compete at the same time.




Get reviews on Amazon with these five white hat tricks:

#1 Product Inserts:

Including physical inserts in the packaging of your product is an effective way to ask for reviews without technically breaking any Amazon guidelines. Of course, the seller cannot directly ask for a “positive” review or provide any if/then statements in the insert verbiage, like, “If you leave us a review, we will give you 50% discount on your next purchase”.

Another risk-free way is to use the product insert is to ask the customer to sign up or register with email ID to get an extended warranty
on the product. After you get their email, you can ask them to leave a review.

Tips for designing product inserts:

  • Keep it short and sweet. Make your point clear.
  • Don’t fill the insert with too much information.
  • Ask the buyers to contact you if they have any problem with the product. Don’t leave a negative review.
  • Make the insert attractive so that that customer can notice it quickly amongst the multiple layers of packaging.

#2 Third party tools:

If you have one or two products, you can send the review request emails personally but when you have more than 50 or 100 products than it becomes difficult to manage the mails. To make things easier, there are various software and applications available that are designed to automatically send feedback request to the customers. If you are not using them already, we recommend to use them immediately. Here is a list of few tools which can help you generate reviews hassle free:

  • Feedback Genius
  • AMZ Finder
  • Feedback Express
  • Feedback Five
  • Salesbacker
  • Kibly
  • XSellco
  • BQool

#3 Amazon review generation programs:

If your product is newly launched and does not have any reviews, customers are much less likely to buy that product. Amazon Early Reviewer and Amazon Vine are product review generation programs created and managed by Amazon.

Amazon Early Reviewer Program (Available to Sellers):

Early Reviewer program encourages the customers who have already made a purchase to share their actual experience about the product, whether it is a 1-star or 5-star review. Amazon randomly contacts the selected buyers and asks them to review the product.

Things to know about Amazon Early Reviewer Program:

  • Available for brand registered products
  • Seller can choose the products to be reviewed but not the reviewer
  • Seller cannot influence the reviewer in any way
  • Product should cost at least $15
  • There is also a possibility that your product gets negative reviews
  • Amazon charges $60 per SKU to enroll in the program

Amazon Vine Program (Available to Vendors):

Amazon invites a trusted group of buyers into their “Vine Voices” to post opinions about new or pre-released products so that the other customers can make an informed purchase decision. Brands opt to participate in the Amazon Vine program just before launching a new product on Amazon so that when the product is live, there are already product reviews included in the listing. Products can be submitted into Vine Program by paying a fee which typically ranges from $2,500 to $7,500 per ASIN.

#4 Request reviews from buyers who have left positive feedback:

Customers who have left a positive seller feedback would definitely not mind leaving a nice five-star review on your listing. Stay proactive and email all the customers who have left positive seller feedback to leave product reviews as well.

The maximum number of buyers does not understand the difference between product reviews and seller feedback. So, there is also a possibility that the buyer leaves a product review in seller feedback. Sellers should constantly review the seller feedback section and request those customers to write a product review as well.

Sellers should understand that only a minority of sellers leave feedback and out of them, there is a very less chance that they have not left a product review. But even if you get one review from this exercise, then it’s worth it.

#5 Provide Great Customer Experience:

This is the safest, convenient and effective option to get reviews on Amazon. Treat the customer like a king and they will reward you by giving your product a positive review. Most of the negative reviews are because the consumer feels misled about the product. So to avoid that you should feed customers with the necessary information they need to make a purchase as well as provide an excellent after-sales service.

What if you get a negative review?

What if you get a negative review?

No matter how hard you try, you cannot please everyone. Negative reviews and feedback are bound to pop up from time to time. You cannot stop but remedy the negative reviews by doing the following:

  • Immediately contact the buyer and ask them how you can remedy the issue.
  • You can also comment under the review itself and try to resolve the issue.
  • If you get the order number and are able to contact the buyer, just offer them a refund or replacement.

You have done all you could and now all you can do is hope for the best because changing the review is in the hands of the buyer.

What sellers should not do to get reviews:

There are many gray and black tricks to get reviews, but they are not recommended if you want to maintain the health of your seller account. If Amazon in any way gets to know about any of the illegal measures, then it may lead to suspension of your account.

  • Never offer free products in exchange for positive customer reviews, Amazon has announced a ban on incentive reviews since October 2016.
  • Don’t write the product reviews for yourself.
  • Don’t offer money, discount or promotion in exchange of reviews.
  • Don’t ask your friends or family to leave a review.
  • Don’t write negative reviews on your competitor’s product. That won’t increase your sales.

Your work does not end here. Seller should always stay alert about the negative reviews and remove them before it’s too late.

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