Fuel Your E-Commerce Business Growth by Selling Across Multiple Channels

Posted by Jimi Patel | September 7, 2018

Every E-Commerce Company wants to reach out to their customers by following the versatile E-commerce solutions. As an E-Commerce marketer, you need to be abreast with cross-platform selling touch points in order to channel your product sales. According to a survey, the online brands that use the multiple channels for sales to engage customers, attain a retention rate of nearly 89%.

However, selling through multiple channels is somewhat a herculean task if not managed properly. The marketer must target the platforms like online marketplaces, E-mails, online communities, social media platforms, and much more. To be on the top of searches the sellers must use the Ecommerce SEO service by the renowned service providers like eStore Factory.

It can be seen that 73% of the customers interact with the sellers through the multiple-channel marketing platform. Let us now see some of its benefits for the marketers and their online business growth.

Benefits of Opting for Multiple Marketing Channels
The multiple channel systems is used by 75% of the companies to increase the sales. For this, it is necessary to take the proper keyword search and ranking services from the Ecommerce SEO companies.

  • Increase in Sales: The multiple channel sales facilitate the sellers in increasing their profit and reaching out to multiple customers at one time. Here the customers can reach out to various selling platforms of the particular retailer. Like, one consumer can purchase the clothing from the seller’s online store, others from their social media page links, and some other can buy from the offline store. These varieties of selling platforms keep the customers engage with your brand.
  • Versatile Shopping Experience: The perceptions of the customers are changing towards the buying of specific product online. The consumers like to buy from the brands that have an offline as well as online stores, mobile applications or even Social Media platforms. According to a survey, 89% of the customers make their purchases through the mobile apps of the particular brand. The marketers can take the Ecommerce SEO expert advice to target the customers searching their products with specific keywords.
  • Collection of Customer Data: The multiple channel sales assist in increasing the data collection of various age groups of customers. This data can be used for providing the best services to the consumers. Even the marketers can add more and more products to their brand or newer trends that customers look out for. The information can be retrieved through the survey or the feedback forms from the customers. This will improve the customer retention rate and increase the profit to the business house.

To sum up, multiple channel sales is one of the best practices nowadays to reach out fast to various customers at one time. The marketers must possess coordination amongst their sales channel so that they do not miss their valuable customers. The sellers must be open to the suggestions and feedback provided by the customers in order to provide them top-notch service.