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Posted by Jimi Patel | February 15, 2019

Amazon has completely changed the way of shopping and its plunge into digital-advertising has fueled the retail giant’s expansion into the digital marketing world. While Facebook and Google can only infer buying decisions, Amazon has loads of customers who are all set to make a purchase. So, advertising on Amazon is a more effective way to market your products than any other platform. Most of the advertisers are aware of the Amazon Sponsored Product Ads, but there are many other options which allow them to advertise off Amazon as well.

What is Amazon Advertising?

Amazon is mainly considered to be an e-commerce platform where merchants sell their products, but it also allows the advertiser to promote their products on its website. The ads can appear within product searches, on the top of the search result page, as suggested product or on the product page itself. There are various types of advertising options available on Amazon, which are mentioned below in detail.

Types of Amazon Ads:

Amazon Sponsored Products:

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads allow Amazon vendors and sellers to advertise their products alongside the search results, providing an instant visibility boost. Ads appear directly in the organic results or sometimes above the organic results and that’s what exactly makes them worth investing. They are keywords based pay-per-click ads, so sellers can control spend, set the budget and choose how much bid to set on each keyword.

Amazon Sponsored Products:

How to get started?

1. Choose the products you want to advertise
2. Set the bids and budgets
3. Select the relevant keywords, product categories and product you want to target


  • Boosts visibility: Allows you to promote your product on Page 1 of search results
  • Target the qualified audience who are ready to make a purchase, so sponsored ads are more plausible than any other ads
  • Control costs: Monitor the performance and return on investment as well as optimize the campaigns by adjusting the bids and budget
  • No guesswork: Keyword-based targeting makes sure your products are reaching the right audience
  • Pay only when someone clicks on your ad: No cost for impressions

Amazon Sponsored Brands:

Sponsored brands are keyword driven, pay-per-click ads which stretch across the top of the search result page, making them more impactful than other paid promotions. They are exclusively for professional sellers who have enrolled in Brand Registry, vendors, book vendors, and agencies. Ads display a brand logo, a custom headline and up to three products. Sellers can choose the landing page and the products they want to advertise. When shoppers click on the brand logo, they are redirected to a store or a custom landing page and when they click on the product, they are redirected to the product page.

Amazon Sponsored Brands:


  • Create stand out display for your products
  • Generate awareness for your brand and product portfolio
  • Grouping similar products can result in an increase in sales of multiple products
  • Customized message allows shoppers to perceive your brand the way you want them to see
  • Allows sellers to market their store
  • Pay only when your ad receives clicks

Amazon Stores:

Amazon Stores is a valuable marketing asset that provides the shoppers with a multi-page, website-like shopping experience without the hassle of writing a single line of code. It consists of customizable layouts, HD videos and visually appealing imagery which will create a curated display of your product catalog. The free initiative offer merchants to showcase their unique brand story and vast product line. Sellers will get a unique and easy-to-remember web address to drive shoppers to their stores.

Amazon Stores:


  • Highlights your top-selling, popular, new arrivals and on-discount products
  • Showcasing your products at one place help customers easily find other things you sell
  • Works as a micro website where you can add videos, image galleries, slideshows and so much more
  • Can also be used as a click destination for Sponsored Brand Ads
  • Helps differentiate original brands from counterfeit
  • Costs nothing

Amazon Display Ads:

Display ads use customizable creative and actionable insights to reach the relevant audience on Amazon owned and operated sites, apps, devices as well as third-party sites. Advertisers can choose to manage the campaign themselves through Amazon DSP or work with Amazon’s team of experts.

Not just Amazon platform, but display ads can appear on many other involved sites like:

  • Amazon-owned and operated
  • The Amazon network
  • Amazon devices


  • Advertise your products on and off Amazon, apps, on mobile, desktop and a range of other Amazon devices
  • Available in a variety of formats. Use your own creativity and create ads that compel the customers to take action
  • Shoppers can be redirected to a product page, a store, a custom landing page or an external website
  • Use Amazon insights and market your products to the right audience
  • Can be used whether or not you are selling on Amazon

Amazon Video Ads:

Video campaigns carry your brand message along with the high-quality media contents in brand safe environments on Amazon, IMDB, Amazon Echo, devices like Fire TV and across the web. It empowers sellers to tell stories and build an emotional connection with their ideal audience. Advertisers can buy video ads even if they do not sell on Amazon.


  • Pair video with display ads to increase its effectiveness and impact
  • Advertise in trusted environments like Amazon sites and devices
  • Showcase your brand assets or demo your products and services
  • Helps advertisers to reach the relevant audience

Amazon Custom Ads:

The innovative tailor-made experiences of Custom Ads enable advertisers to capture customer attention. Businesses with product or brand can use custom ad whether or not they are selling on Amazon. Custom program requires working with an ad consultant; they will partner with advertisers and craft advertising programs that meet their needs. Advertisers should be prepared to spend in 10s if not in 100s of thousands.


  • Engages customers wherever they are
  • Delight customers with new experiences like live events and digital placements
  • Amazon consultants will craft a program that is tailored just for your business

Amazon DSP:

Amazon’s Demand-Side-Platform enables advertisers to reach Amazon audience on 3rd party sites and apps through various ad formats.

Ads can appear in any of the following forms:

  • Desktop display ads
  • Mobile banner ads
  • Image and text ads
  • In-stream video ads

DSP campaigns can help effectively build brand and product awareness. It is more suited to businesses that understand the importance of brand advertising and are already running display ads on other advertising platforms. If a company’s intention is to get a direct impact on sales, DSP might not be the most effective platform to invest their marketing dollars.


  • Access to exclusive Amazon audience to reach the right audience on and off Amazon
  • Allows advertisers to programmatically buy display and video ads
  • Builds brand affinity and accelerates brand awareness

Amazon is another platform for companies to acquire new customers and with so many advertising options available, it is an effective way to increase the visibility of the product as well as build brand awareness.

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Published by Jimi Patel

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