Is Amazon PPC Worth It Or A Waste Of My Advertising Money?

Posted by Tushar Kapadia | May 6, 2022

We get asked this a lot: “Is Amazon PPC right for me?”, “Will I be able to make more revenue than what I spend?”

Amazon PPC is the fastest way to get your product on top of the SERPs. According to Ad Badger, Amazon PPC ads make up about 30% of Amazon sellers’ total sales. Yet many sellers are skeptical about using PPC.

If your PPC campaigns are created effectively, you’ll see an instant boost in visibility and sales, with more products flying off the shelves.

Benefits of PPC

  • PPC ads are cost-effective: With PPC, you can have complete control over your spend since you pay only when customers click on your ads.
  • PPC ads give you instant success: Although organic optimization is important, it sometimes takes months to get on the first page. With PPC, you can shoot yourself to the top of SERPs within hours of listing your product.
  • PPC can improve your organic ranking: If you bid strategically on a particular keyword, you can also see an increase in organic ranking for that keyword. So, in a nutshell, PPC is important.

But, it’s also important to remember that it isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it thing. You’ll need to constantly monitor and optimize your ads to ensure you’re reaching your target KPIs. Everyday optimization is crucial for PPC success because it’ll provide you with valuable insights and help you to make sure your campaign runs profitably. Here are a few metrics you should track within your Amazon PPC campaigns:

  • Cost per clicks
  • Click-through rate
  • Impressions
  • Ad spend
  • ACOS
  • Conversion rate

Before bringing any traffic to your product detail page or campaign landing page, just make sure your detail page is ready. Ready in the sense that when the customer visits your product page, make sure they don’t get disappointed because of lack of crucial information or out-of-stock label.

Here are the factors to consider for determining the retail readiness score of your product:

  • Images – all 9 images consisting of lifestyle and infographics
  • Reviews – at least 15+ verified reviews with a star rating of 3.5 or above
  • On-page content – scannable, information-packed and SEO friendly
  • Buy Box – your product should always have a buy box
  • Stock Availability – stay in stock, always

So to revisit our question, is Amazon PPC worth it? The answer is yes – only if you know how to make it work for you.

PPC management and optimization is a hefty undertaking which is why you must hire a professional Amazon PPC agency that can put in the work for you and ensure your campaigns run hot 24/7.

Published by Tushar Kapadia

Tushar Kapadia is a creative design professional at eStore Factory, a full-service marketing agency for Amazon. With an extensive portfolio of work and talent for creating stunning illustrations, layouts, and eye-catching designs, Tushar produces high-quality creative assets for Amazon businesses. He is an expert in developing Storefronts, A+ Content and Amazon photography. Outside of work, he enjoys hiking and spending time in nature. Tushar also follows his passion for photography by capturing the beauty of the world around him.

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