Materialize The Multichannel Selling Through Online Marketing Players

Posted by Jimi Patel | April 14, 2017

Online Marketplaces are trending in the present times as most of the merchants display their products and services on these stores in order to get a global reach. Nowadays, many online marketplaces are available. Few of them have made a big name in the digital world in selling the products and services as the Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, etc.

The online store management services provided by the professionals from the eStore Factory assist the marketers to sell in a seamless and comfortable manner. The online expansion of the marketplaces has witnessed the dominance of the Amazon, emergence of eBay and other Multichannel marketplaces. Even the Brandstore is also opted by many merchants to sell their brands.

Ideal Multichannel Selling Place for Your Business

Most of the marketers find one or the other online market place best for selling their products like handicrafts, men and women’s accessories, clothing, pet products, kitchenware and much more. As every online marketplace is trending in the present time, so it becomes difficult to choose the perfect marketplace for their products. In this situation, one can get the multi channel E-commerce support services from the popular firm like eStore Factory. The professionals from the firm provide services for finding the ideal multichannel support service for their clients. Some of them are:

Amazon: The online marketing giant has made its place across the globe, and the Amazon has captured half of the American market. With the Amazon product optimization, the sellers having many reviews and trending products in the digital market are especially preferred by the marketplace. Amazon has also made changes in its online policies that have raised the FBA prices as well as the brand Ungating fees have been introduced as well. The easy processing of the orders, secured online gateways, fulfillment fee for the sellers, etc. makes the Amazon first choice of the sellers.

eBay: During last few years, eBay has also transformed itself and working on its selling activities. It has worked on its platform and has more than 155 million buyers. The eBay store has a listing and managing inventory and provides an easily operational user interface. Even the online marketplace helps the sellers to display their products for the customers who are based in the foreign countries. The strength of the eBay marketplace is that t provides it sellers with an International E-commerce platform and reaches out to the global users.

Shopify: Most of the sellers refer Shopify as it provides a solution for managing the inventory, the products, reporting directly on the platform and fulfillment by the sellers. Even the sellers can publish their Shopify products on the other multichannel like Etsy, Amazon, eBay, etc. The seller can synchronize the inventory between the Shopify accounts and other product selling marketplaces. Another advantage of using the Shopify is the display of infinite products, whether it is in thousands or hundreds.

Etsy:It is also one of the trending marketplaces in the present times with the Amazon and the eBay selling, ebay listing optimization. Other than the big multichannel selling places, the smaller E-commerce shopping sites are also providing a platform to the small-scale businesses. The online marketing place provides a platform for selling the vintage or handmade goods. Now the Etsy has more than one million sellers and 25+ million customers.

Preference to the Brandstore

With the Multichannel selling platforms, most of the brands are provided Brandstore on these popular marketing places like Amazon, eBay, etc. These brands are provided an E-commerce platform on which they can display their products. The products are classified under various categories as apparels, bags, kids’ products, totes, mobile products and so on. This helps the customers to choose the products according to their preferences that are listed by the sellers. Lastly, with the help of the multichannel selling platforms, the merchants can grab the market with ease.

Published by Jimi Patel

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