Reviews matter a lot, but did you know how Amazon Vine can skyrocket them?

Posted by SEO admin | May 29, 2024
  • Amazon Vine Program invites selected customers to review new products, enhancing product visibility and credibility.
  • Vine reviews appear with a special badge on product pages, signaling authenticity to potential buyers.
  • Pros: Early reviews, high-quality feedback, increased visibility in search results.
  • Cons: High enrollment cost, no guarantee of positive reviews, and less control over reviewer selection.
  • Tips: Ensure product quality, and accurate listings, and monitor feedback for necessary adjustments.
  • Other review generation methods include the ‘Request a Review’ button, email follow-ups, and product inserts.

Amazon always stays ahead of the curve when it comes to creating a transparent and effective user experience for both the seller and the customer. It has paved the way for users to find, evaluate, and eventually buy goods. Central to its intricate ecosystem of Amazon infographic images, EBC designs, and product descriptions is the trust built by customer reviews. However, for new products, accumulating such reviews may be rather cumbersome. And that is where the Amazon Vine Program comes into place. This article takes an extended deep dive into the Amazon Vine Program by offering sellers and vendors a comprehensive manual on how they can leverage it to increase product visibility and legitimacy through real reviews.

What is the Amazon Vine Program?

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Amazon Vine invites specially selected customers to post opinions to the site for some new and pre-release products and share their experiences with fellow shoppers. Amazon calls them ‘Vine Voices’. The program has been launched to help generate the social proof required to drive sales and influence the search algorithm of Amazon.

How Amazon Vine Works

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The process starts when a vendor or seller enrolls his product into the program. Amazon then offers these products to participating Vine Voices, who in turn are expected to write reviews of the products after using them. Reviewers are selected based on their history of leaving insightful and comprehensive reviews on Amazon. Such an approach ensures comprehensive feedback and advice to potential buyers.

Amazon operates the whole process with the same honesty and transparency. Sellers and vendors are not allowed to contact Vine Voices directly or even influence the reviews in any way, so the review is real. What makes Vine reviews stand out from regular customer reviews is the special verification icon set for them which enhances their credibility for perception.

Eligibility criteria for Amazon Vine Program

The Amazon Vine program allows for eligibility requirements to be met by willing sellers. In most cases, this would call for a seller to have a professional seller account, be part of Amazon’s Brand Registry, and have a product with fewer than 30 reviews at the time of enrollment. Further, the product needs to be new and available by FBA (Amazon Fulfillment). Products that cannot be supported under the program comprise digital, adult, and generally other applications.

Cost of Amazon Vine Program

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For the most updated information on this, Amazon charges a one-time fee per Parent ASIN to enroll in the Vine Program. The fee is usually around $200 and gets charged only once the first review is published per each country that has the ASIN enrolled. Most importantly, if the products fail to generate any reviews within 90 days, the fee is waived, thus sellers have very little financial risk in trying to get the ball rolling for their new products. Further, sellers have to provide free units to Vine Voices, covering the logistics costs of transporting these items.

What happens after you enroll in the Amazon Vine Program?

After enrollment, the products become available for review by the Vine Voices who tend to review items in similar categories. Amazon first targets these products toward a predefined group of Vine reviewers so that the feedback is very relevant and insightful.

If the product does not receive any reviews within a time frame, the product will then be offered to more reviewers within the Vine community so that there is a better chance of getting the reviews. The reviews from Vine Voices are published on the product’s page with a Vine badge; this way, it highlights that sort of authenticity and signals to subsequent customers that the feedback is represented by experienced reviewers.

The Pros and Cons of the Amazon Vine Program:

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  • Early reviews: Easily collect early reviews of your new products, one of the most important things in building customer confidence.
  • Quality: Vine Voices are helpful because their reviews are always of good quality, ensuring that they are detailed and helpful.
  • Increased visibility: The more reviews a product receives, the higher it is likely to rank in search results.


  • Costs: The big entry fee to enroll plus the cost of free products may be too expensive for smaller sellers.
  • No guarantee of positive review: Vine Voices is independent, and they will give criticism if your product does not meet their expectations.
  • Less controlled approach: Sellers do not influence which Vine Voices select their products, and they have no influence over what Vine Voices say about the products.

Tips to Utilize the Amazon Vine Program

  • Quality first: Ensure your product is of high quality before enrolling in Vine to avoid negative reviews.
  • Accurate listings: Make sure your product descriptions, infographics, and EBC designs are clear and accurate to set the right expectations for Vine reviewers.
  • Monitor feedback: Use the feedback from Vine reviews to make necessary adjustments to your product or listing to better meet customer expectations.


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How many ASINs does it allow me to enroll in the program?

In Amazon Vine, you can enroll up to 200 ASINs per submission.

Is there a requirement for Amazon Vine reviewers to leave product reviews?

No, Vine Voices is under no obligation to leave a review. However, due to the program and the selection of dedicated reviewers, chances are very high that they will leave a review.

How many reviews are provided under Amazon Vine?

To keep the number of enrolled reviews from exceeding 30, the Vine Program will delist any given product once it attains reviews totaling 30 or reaches the 30th customer review.

Are the reviews I get from Vine Voices nice to me?

Positive reviews are not guaranteed. Vine Voices are selected only from those Amazon has identified as being helpful, and the reviews they leave are meant to represent the most accurate and unbiased reflection of the view of the product by the reviewer.

Can I remove my Amazon Vine review?

No, a Vine review can’t be deleted, unless, of course, it violates Amazon’s terms of service. Vine reviews are to be kept just like any other review, which means they will be kept indefinitely. This is in order to maintain the integrity of the program.

The following are some of the other ways to gain reviews on Amazon:

Beyond the Vine Program, here are some tips that would help motivate the seller base to increase their product reviews:

  • Request a review button: Request reviews from buyers using the ‘Request a Review’ feature on Amazon.
  • Email follow-ups: Send post-purchase follow-up emails to customers, inviting them to leave a more detailed review in case they have been satisfied with the item received.
  • Product inserts: Insert a review request in the product packaging with a guideline that should direct customers on the way to leave their feedback.

In conclusion

The Amazon Vine Program is an initiative that allows vendors and sellers to get some early reviews for a new product being launched on Amazon. It helps sustain a particular level of sales for the product. Even if the program includes costs and there is no assurance for positive feedback, however, the benefits, e.g., greater visibility and higher customer trust from quality feedback, generally outweigh them. Used strategically with other review generation methods, including those available to the Amazon platform, Amazon Vine can help sellers improve their product’s marketplace performance.

You too can strengthen your brand presence by combining the innovative Vine Program with a focus on quality, customer satisfaction, and effective Amazon PPC advertising. It can help you set a firm footing for your success on Amazon amidst the stiff competition.

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