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Posted by Jimi Patel | September 26, 2023

Q4 is a pivotal time for Amazon sellers. As the holiday season approaches, consumers are actively searching for the best deals and gifts. To stand out and maximize your sales during this competitive period, it’s crucial to leverage Amazon’s promotions and deals effectively. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the various types of promotions and deals available to sellers during Q4 and why they are essential for your success.

#1: Prime Member Coupons

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Prime Member Coupons are a type of point-of-sale promotion offered by sellers on Amazon. These coupons provide exclusive discounts on either a single product or a set of products, and they are specifically targeted at Amazon Prime members. The unique selling point of these coupons is their exclusivity, as they are available only to Prime members.

Eligibility criteria

  • A minimum of 20% discount off the current price
  • Customer Segment targeting set to Amazon Prime
  • ASIN(s) must be Prime eligible
  • Prohibited terms in coupon titles

#2: Top Deals

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Top Deals are an elite class of promotions on Amazon, reserved for exceptional products that shine during special events, such as Prime Day. These promotions offer a golden opportunity for Amazon sellers and Amazon consulting experts to showcase their top-performing items and boost their products’ visibility to a vast audience of eager shoppers.

Eligibility criteria

  • Broad brand and product awareness: Amazon looks for products from brands that have a strong presence and products that are well-recognized among customers.
  • Unique or high-performing products: Top Deals are reserved for products that are exceptional in some way. This could mean they are highly unique, new to the market, or have consistently performed well.
  • Exceptional discounts: The hallmark of a Top Deal is a discount that surprises and delights customers. The discount should be substantial, making it an irresistible offer.
  • Collaboration: To create a compelling Top Deal, you’ll work closely with your Customer Success Manager. They can help you curate the most enticing offer for customers and provide guidance on maximizing its impact.
  • Inventory readiness: It’s essential to have ample inventory available before running a Top Deal. Amazon typically requires at least four weeks of average inventory demand to be in stock before scheduling the promotion.

#3: Lightning Deals

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Lightning Deals are like the lightning bolts —intense, attention-grabbing, and fleeting. These limited-time offers, running for several hours during special events, create a sense of urgency that can propel your products to new heights on Amazon’s platform.

Eligibility criteria

  • 20% minimum discount: Lightning Deals require a minimum discount of 20% off the basis price, which is the strikethrough price displayed on the product’s detail page when it’s discounted.
  • Competitive pricing: Your Lightning Deal should either match or beat the lowest price the product has been offered at in the last 30 days. This ensures that customers are getting a genuinely compelling offer.
  • Strong sales history: Lightning Deals are most effective for products with a proven track record of strong sales. They’re ideally suited for items that have consistently performed well on Amazon.
  • Positive product reviews: Products with positive reviews and high ratings tend to resonate better with customers during Lightning Deals.

#4: Prime Exclusive Best Deal

Prime Exclusive Best Deal

Prime Exclusive Best Deals are elite offers available solely to Amazon Prime members. These promotions showcase your products with a prominent strikethrough pricing, signaling an exclusive opportunity for Prime subscribers.

Eligibility criteria

  • Brand and product excellence: These deals are reserved for high-performing brands and products. Amazon seeks out items that have a track record of excellence.
  • Minimum 15% discount: Your Prime Exclusive Best Deal should feature a minimum discount of 15% off the basis price. This competitive pricing is essential to attract and delight Prime members.
  • Competitive pricing and strong sales history: To stand out in the Prime Day spotlight, your product should maintain competitive pricing and boast a history of strong sales.

#5: Prime Exclusive Discount

Prime Exclusive Discount

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Prime Exclusive Discounts are price reductions that are available exclusively to Amazon Prime members. These discounts apply to products that are nationally Prime-eligible and fulfilled by Amazon (FBA). They offer a unique selling proposition to Prime members, enhancing their shopping experience.

Eligibility criteria

  • Nationally Prime shipping eligible FBA item: Your product should be eligible for Amazon’s nationwide Prime shipping program and fulfilled by Amazon (FBA). This ensures that Prime members can enjoy the benefits of fast and reliable delivery.
  • Minimum 15% discount: Prime Exclusive Discounts must feature a minimum discount of 15% off the basis price. This substantial discount not only attracts Prime members but also makes your offer more appealing.
  • Good seller rating and reviews: Maintaining a positive seller rating and garnering good reviews are essential to qualify for Prime Exclusive Discounts. Positive feedback and high ratings build trust with customers.

#6: Deal of the Day and Best Deals

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Deals of the Day are promotions that last for a full day and are akin to Lightning Deals in many aspects. These deals often feature significant discounts and have specific inventory requirements. Products featured in the Deals of the Day receive prominent placement on the Today’s Deals page and are adorned with an eye-catching orange “Deal of the Day” symbol above the discounted price.

Amazon’s Best Deals are more extended promotions that run for up to two weeks. They are identified by a red “Best Deal” symbol. Similar to Deals of the Day, Best Deals also have a minimum discount requirement.

It’s essential to note that neither vendors nor sellers can apply specifically for the Deal of the Day. Amazon vendor managers usually submit these deals, and they are chosen by Amazon’s deals team. The selection process can be somewhat cryptic, and there’s no guarantee that your deal will be chosen or run at any given time.

#7: Promotions

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Amazon promotions are a powerful tool for sellers, vendors, and Amazon seller experts to enhance sales, attract customers, and boost product visibility. These promotions can be applied directly to a listing or redeemed as gift cards during the checkout process. Here, we’ll explore three main types of Amazon promotions and their benefits:

Percentage Off

Percentage-off promo codes allow sellers and vendors to offer discounts ranging from 1% to 99% on their products. This versatile promotion can be applied to various items in your catalog. For instance, you can entice customers with offers like “Buy two and get 20% off.” This tiered format is particularly effective for frequently purchased products, such as groceries, supplements, and diapers.

Buy One/Get One

This straightforward promotion allows customers to purchase one product and receive another for free. Buy one/get one code offers several advantages:

  • Distinguish yourself from competitors: You can provide a complimentary item, such as a wallet with a tote bag or a glasses cleaner spray with blue light blocking glasses, attracting customers and driving purchases.
  • Clear slow-moving inventory: Combine low-selling items with your best-sellers to deplete stocks efficiently.

Social Media Promo Code

Tailored for sharing on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, these codes are perfect for collaborating with Amazon-approved influencers who can promote your products to their followers. Social media promo codes direct traffic to dedicated landing pages, maintaining high conversion rates. Unlike percentage-off codes, you can limit the number of products a customer can buy.

Wrapping it up

At eStore Factory, we understand the critical importance of making the most out of Q4, the busiest shopping season of the year. Our team of Amazon PPC optimization experts specializes in helping Amazon sellers create irresistible deals and promotions that will captivate customers and drive sales during this high-demand period.

Whether you’re looking to offer percentage-off discounts, buy one/get one deals, or social media promo codes, we have the expertise to tailor promotions that align with your brand and product strategy. With our guidance, you can maximize your visibility, increase order quantity, and outshine your competition on Amazon. Let us be your partner in making this Q4 your most successful one yet.

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