Shopify Offers Easy Way to Sell Online On Social Using New Keyboard

Posted by Jimi Patel | January 26, 2018

Online retail giant Shopify has come out with a very innovative way to chat online and on social media using its new keyboard. The Shopify theme developers have just unveiled an iOS keyboard and named it Shopkey. It is an expected to accelerate the quantum of volume for sales for retailers using its software and spread more information about the same on social networking sites.

Meanwhile, it is important to highlight the total revenue in the second quarter saw whopping growth over 75% from the same quarter in 2016. Thus, Shopify is following the upward trend and gaining many new customers every day. This innovative keyboard directly imports the sellers’ product specification and catalogs facilitating the users to search, snap and directly post a purchase link into that conversation.

Interestingly, this new keyboard supports media and messaging apps as well. The credit for this innovation goes to the API integration team of Shopify’s developers who invented such a keyboard for the first time ever. The online retail giant is simply doing great these days. According to the latest statistics, Shopify’s subscription rose to more than 71.6 million USD last year. Its revenue also touches $80 million as well making it one of the fastest growing online retail stores.

With each passing day, something new is happening in the world of online trade. The latest is a customized keyboard from Shopify to introduce a brand-new buying behavior and enhance one’s trade. It facilitates selling of new products on online platforms in an easy manner. Retail technology is evolving, and each company is trying their best to make the best out of it.

Shopify’s Growing Volume of Trade Year by Year

According to one statistics, Shopify’s current cash in hand stands at 932 million USD as on 30th June 2017. Soon, Shopify developer for eCommerce development made its market reach wider by launching an interactive keyboard for the buyers and to revamp their shopping experience. Now, if users are exchanging messages on any cloth on WhatsApp, another user can instantly search through the product catalog via the keyboard and even pick an outfit to buy online. This is how Shopify is changing the way of online retailing.

According to Shopify sources, this app keyboard is invented for traders to present shoppers with all the necessary things that they need at the fraction of a second. The keyboard comes with buy button and also sharing buttons of social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Considering Shopify’s growing craze, referring to its Gross profit dollars soared by 83% last year, Shopify SEO services have become essential for the retailer to enhance the visibility of their products and services.

The new keyboard is meant for making each online shopping experience easier and smoother. Shopify store design services facilitate the wide listing of products on its home page so that customers can easily press the buy button. Twitter is now also integrated to Shopify’s buy button letting a link via the keyboard to take the users to buy switch when posted.

Published by Jimi Patel

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