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Posted by Jimi Patel | November 12, 2020

When a shopper searches for a product on Amazon, they are bombarded by hundreds and thousands of brands. Out of them, few are seen, fewer are remembered. One of the more impactful ways of enhancing your brand recall is by showcasing your brand story on the product detail page. Strategically placed just above the A+ Content section, Brand Story is an additional real estate that gives you a chance to win customer’s hearts and connect with them on a different level, which of course, leads to repeat sales and positive word of mouth.

In this article, we will discuss how to access and create a brand story for your brand. We will also find out whether you should take advantage of the brand story feature and the best practices to make the most of this new feature.

Who is eligible to create a Brand Story?

Not all the sellers are eligible to create Brand Story as it is available in only some of the seller accounts. However, the basic requirement is obviously a Brand Registry.

P.S. Even if you don’t plan to utilize the A+ Content or Brand Story feature, it makes sense to get your brand registered with Amazon. It provides your brand protection from counterfeits and also gives you access to a whole suite of tools, including Sponsored Brand Ads, Amazon seller storefront, A+ Pages and so much more.

How to create Brand Story?

Step 1: Hover over to the advertising tab and click on A+ Content Manager

Hover over to the advertising tab and click on A+ Content Manager

Step 2: Click on Start Creating A+ Pages

Start Creating A+ Pages

Step 3: Click on Create A Brand Story

Create A Brand Story

Step 4: Fill the Content Name & Language fields and fill all the fields in the story section. We would suggest describing your brand story and ethics in a relatable and basic language in order to connect better with the customers. Also, add images at this point. You should add images that you will add in your About Us section. You would notice that there are two images. This is because one image will be used while customers view your brand story from mobile devices and another image is for customers viewing your brand store from desktop/laptop.

create a amazon brand story

Step 5: Click on Apply ASINs and add ASIN

amazon storefront design services
Step 6: Click on Review & Submit button

amazon brand registry

Why should every Amazon seller use the Brand Story feature?

You probably already know that you have just 8 seconds to convert a visitor into a customer. When a customer lands at your product detail page, he has several things that can divert him/her to your competitor’s product detail page. For instance, right after your bullet points, there is a “product related to this item” section, “4 Stars and above section,” and “brands related to this category on Amazon section.” Now amongst all of these distractors, how are sellers supposed to create a lasting impression? Yes, the answer is brand story. It is something not all the sellers have and more importantly, shoppers can emotionally connect with your brand, so conversion is guaranteed. Here are some of the benefits that will compel you to make a brand story at this very moment:

amazon seller storefront

#1: Shoppers connect with a brand story than any other copy

The human brain is wired to respond well to storytelling and narrations. It is proven that storytelling is the best way to capture someone’s attention, bake information in their memories and create a long-lasting, unforgettable bond. Your shoppers are already programmed to seek and understand great stories and that will never change.

#2: Brand Story helps you stand out

In the sea of similarity, brand story lets you be unforgettable. Amazon is an uber competitive marketplace and getting heard is next to impossible, unless you are a name brand like Apple. To get noticed between the pool of competitors, every seller uses a lot of tools – great copy, Amazon infographic images, A+ Content, but the problem is that all of them have similar messaging. This is where brand story can help. Instead of throwing facts, statistics, specifications and other hard to digest information in front of your audience, brand story lets you focus on something real, thoughtful and memorable. Craft a copy that narrates your challenges, successes and ethics – NO other brand can have that.

#3: Wrapping your message in a story simplifies the information

Do you ever realize that most important life lessons are being conveyed through stories? Do you know why that is? Storytelling simplifies the information and made things easier to understand. Every other copy and content on the product detail page is TMI. Although it is vital, sometimes shoppers need something that’s not salesy but real and thoughtful and brand story gives them exactly that.

#4: Brand story leaves an impact that no other marketing material ever can

In today’s age, marketing your product isn’t just about differentiating your product from the competitors by showing the stand out features and benefits. Shoppers are increasingly demanding how the brand contributes to “change the world.” How does your product touch and change people’s lives? What has your brand done as a part of their social responsibility? Is your brand sustainable? If your brand story answers all these questions, your shoppers will purchase from you even if your product is priced high. Show your customers that you care because those are the brands that create a legacy.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content & A+ Pages are too mainstream; Brand Story is the new way to boost your brand’s memorability!

amazon storefront design

Amazon Brand Story stands out because, unlike A+ Pages, it’s not available to all the sellers. This makes them unique. Besides, Brand Story section is your space to add everything you couldn’t add in the bullet points, description and A+ Page. While you don’t want to leave out your crucial company information, you also don’t want it stuffed between the technical product information. Brand Story is a section dedicated to your brand, its ethics, goals and, so you can mention everything you couldn’t add on the rest of the page.

The addition of a brand story allows you to keep your A+ Content product-focused and give all the crucial brand information the attention it needs and deserves.

Best practices for creating Brand Story:

  • You get to add only two images and write three texts, so be careful with your words and use visuals that instantly attracts attention.
  • Tell your authentic brand story. Don’t just write something because it sounds interesting. You cannot build a brand by lying to your customers.
  • Don’t be wordy; keep your copy to the point. Avoid flowery language
  • Highlight what makes your brand and products unique
  • Your goal should be to educate the shoppers about your brand
  • Add your logo somewhere in the images
  • Add people in your images so that the customers can connect better with your brand

Make the most of Amazon Brand Story Feature:

If you want to be seen as a trusted brand and not just another “Amazon Seller,” then it’s high time you make use of tools Amazon has created to highlight and showcase brands. Understand that Amazon continually introduces new tools and features, but they would be useful only when utilized the right way. To get the most of Brand Story, A+ Pages, Storefronts and other similar features, we recommend partnering with experience Amazon consultants who are skilled at creating brands in the overcrowded marketplace called Amazon.

Published by Jimi Patel

Jimi Patel, is a Co-founder and CEO at eStore Factory, an Amazon SPN certified agency that serves as a one-stop solution for all your Amazon business needs. Having helped countless brands increase sales and grow their footprint on Amazon, Jimi provides the most practical and effective solutions for your business. He is highly skilled in developing and executing plans that align with your specific business goals and objectives. When not working, Jimi enjoys practicing yoga and traveling to new places. He is an avid reader and enjoys staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the e-commerce industry.

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