The Impact of Influencer Marketing On Firm’s Growth

Posted by Jimi Patel | December 8, 2017

A pool of pleased customers is the real voice of a company’s success story and continuous growth. If a company really wants its long-term stability and prosperity, then having a satisfied customer base is a necessity now.

Today, consumers consider social media as the apt medium to voice their opinions unequivocally about any ecommerce service provider directly on social media. The recent study by McKinsey has claimed that word-of-mouth or simply, mouth publicity garners twice than any other form of paid advertising.

Benefits of Influence Marketing

The Action is Voluntary: Under influence marketing, the existing customers of a firm speak their mind out on social media on a voluntary basis. Simply by improving its ecommerce SEO services with experts like eStore Factory, a company can get more visibility and positive reviews on search engines.

Influence Marketing is of No Cost: In order to ensure the success of its influence marketing strategy, a company just needs to improve its product and services. Consumers will post their positive feedbacks about the company totally free on social networking sites.

Magnet to New Consumers: When the message of satisfied customers reaches other people, later also get attracted to the brand. Around 70% of the consumers instantly buy a product that received better consumers’ reviews.

Who are the Brand Influencers?

Influencer marketing augments the prospects of a company, mostly. Now, it is important to disclose here that brand influencers are the existing customer-base of a company who are largely satisfied by the company’s ecommerce solutions and products.

The consumer’s recommendations on social media act as a significant form of influence marketing. If the consumers have good followers, then the company’s products or upcoming items could get a trend on the social media entire day with a positive message.

Influencer marketing can also include A-list celebrities endorsing a company’s products and services. However, influencer marketing through existing consumers works best. Their brand advocacy for the company’s products indicates their immense satisfaction towards the company’s products or services.

What Does Influence Mean?

In the context of e-commerce business, the influence of a brand refers to the total of the product of the audience reach x brand loyalty of the existing consumers x USPs (Unique Selling Points) of products.

In the last few years, popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have successfully established their stronghold, when it comes to making a brand’s presence felt online to a larger number of people worldwide. The influencer marketing also retains 37% of the existing customers by way of satisfying their ego and self-esteem.

For example: Youtube video of your product demonstration can randomly grab around 5K views and if 10% of the customers go on to buy that product, then it could still lead to a massive revenue generation for the firm. So, in order to grab the greater attention of the online buyers, astute ecommerce listing services should be displayed on the site. Moreover, you can take the help of professionals from eStore Factory to endorse their services and developing the brand.

Published by Jimi Patel

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