Case Study: The Journey From 198 Orders To 700 Monthly Orders

Posted by Jimi Patel | June 30, 2020

Joseph sells ballet tights for professional and aspiring ballerinas. He tried our product listing optimization service in 2018 for one of his products and he was impressed by the increase in organic sales for that ASIN. In 2019, he decided to hire us for overall account management. Nearly after six months of working with eStore Factory, Joseph saw a miraculous increase in sales in both organic and sponsored. He chalks up this achievement to our team working on the project, saying it all begins with a strategic plan.


The challenges included poorly-optimized product contents followed by low conversion and a lack of PPC strategy. We had to start everything from scratch and there were a lot of expectations to live up to. In short, there was so much to do and the time to gain trust was limited.


  • To begin with, we performed content optimization to aid in the organic discovery and better PPC conversion
  • During the period of 6 months, we successfully launched a couple of products with strategic product launch planning and execution
  • Reorganization of catalog by clubbing the product variations
  • Creation of new listing images and A+ Pages to build positive brand reputation
  • PPC management and optimization to get an instant boost in sales and ranking


  • Within the first six months, the number of order received was increased from 198 to 725
  • 376% increase in sales from $2839 in July 2019 to $10,697 in December 2019
  • Variation overhaul helped boost sales for similar products
  • Organic ranking improved for the three key ASINs


Month No of Orders Total Sales ($)
July 2019 198 $2839.08


Month No of Orders Total Sales ($)
December 2019 725 $10,697.95


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Now It’s Your Turn To Get Great Results

Now It’s Your Turn To Get Great Results:

The company’s big breakthrough came after making the switch to eStore Factory. Our team ofAmazon consultantsproved to be a true extension of Joseph’s team. Not only he saw a significant increase in sales, but working with us saved him so much time, enabling him to source new items and focus on other important aspects of his business. Joseph recommends eStore Factory to every seller looking for a turnkey solution for Amazon account management.

Published by Jimi Patel

Jimi Patel, is a Co-founder and CEO at eStore Factory, an Amazon SPN certified agency that serves as a one-stop solution for all your Amazon business needs. Having helped countless brands increase sales and grow their footprint on Amazon, Jimi provides the most practical and effective solutions for your business. He is highly skilled in developing and executing plans that align with your specific business goals and objectives. When not working, Jimi enjoys practicing yoga and traveling to new places. He is an avid reader and enjoys staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the e-commerce industry.

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