Tips on Finding the Suitable Product Research Criterion on Amazon

Posted by Jimi Patel | January 26, 2017

Amazon is providing a platform for the sellers to sell the products that will help them to get good sales and better return on investments. However, the first thing the sellers should focus upon is the profitable products and the right market for selling the products on Amazon. The Amazon FBA Consultant from eStore Factory helps the sellers in choosing a niche that will help them to earn good amount of money. Here are some of the tips shared by FBA experts for selling right products with greater demand:

Check the Viability of the Market

The seller should check out the following points before selling the products on Amazon:

  • National Brand Dominance-If the seller is looking forward to selling the product that already has national brand dominance then it would become difficult for the seller. Instead, they can choose the other products for selling.
  • Create item with higher demand-The seller should sell those items that have a greater demand online instead of the products that have a little demand.
  • Look at the Reviews-The reviews about your products play an important role as Amazon service provider company eStore Factory helps the sellers in taking stringent marketing actions to get a good number of reviews. According to the experts, it should be more than 400 reviews.
  • Choosing Multiple KeywordsAmazon SEO Experts from the company helps the sellers in bringing their product above on the search results with the help of multiple keywords.
  • PPC AdsAmazon PPC Expert from eStore Factory helps the clientele by keeping a watch on their competitors. If they are using the PPC ads for a long time then it is the right time for you to start with the same.
  • Create Videos-The sellers can get their product videos ranked on Google Searches with the help of posting the demo YouTube videos. This will help in getting the buyer to your product selling page.
  • Adding Value to the Product-It is mandatory for the seller to add the value to the product by seeing negative reviews provided by the customers. One should bring the improvements in the products so that the seller can turn onto your brand.
  • Get Reorder for the products-With the help of Amazon Product Optimization, the seller can get the reorder for the products if the buyer likes the products that are sold once and are reviewed in a great manner.

Look Out for the Relevance of the Product

The products that are sold by Amazon should be relevant and here are some points that the sellers should consider:

  • Weight of the Product-The weight of the product helps in deciding about the shipping charges and the decision about Amazon fees.
  • Better Packaging-The packaging of the product also influences the customers, as this will help the seller to get more sales on Amazon.
  • Purchase Lesser Inventory-The seller should purchase less amount of inventory that can be less than 500 units, as one does not have to stock up more inventories and invest a higher amount in their first order.

Private Labeling of Products on Amazon

Apart from all the factors discussed above, the important factor is providing a private label to the product in order to sell it on the Amazon. The Amazon Seller Consulting agency eStore Factory helps the sellers with the SEO and other marketing factors for their range of products under the seller’s brand name. Under this, the seller should make a relevant decision before private labeling of the product and it can be related to jewelry, clothing, watches, kitchenware, etc. The experts from the company help the sellers to maintain their position in the market and support them in achieving success.


The Amazon Marketing is a well-established market on a global platform and seller from across the globe prefers to sell their products on this marketing platform. Many marketing service providers that are experts in providing Amazon related services help the sellers to sell their product online with ease. eStore Factory assists and support their clientele in getting a greater return on their investments.

Published by Jimi Patel

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