Top 14 Global Ecommerce Events That Will Change The Face Of Digital Marketing

Posted by Jimi Patel | January 6, 2017

E-commerce has now evolved out as the most important subject for both online consumers and merchants alike. Retailers are eagerly putting their products on ecommerce listing services so that consumers can purchase the products directly from the online stores. An online seller should display all his products on top of the listing pages of ecommerce sites so that customers book an order for the same instantly.

The digital retail industry is about to take a giant step this year. Irrespective of what line of business you are associated with – one thing is certain that unless your products have high visibility people may simply overlook your brands. Staying up to date with the latest e-commerce services is of utmost need.

Must Visit Top 14 Global E-commerce Events of 2017

National Retail Federation – Retail’s Big Show (15-17th January 2017, New York, USA):

This New Year, at the NRF convention as many as 33,000 industry professionals and 3326 retail companies will attend the event. Moreover, around 41% of the top-level executives will be there to share their perception and insights on online marketing. The speakers will address the participants to acquaint them with the latest policies of Amazon services and other digital stores. Big brands sponsoring the event are IBM, American Express, SAP, and Toshiba. The retailer full confidence pass is available at $1150 per participant.

Etailing India Expo (8-10th February 2017, Mumbai, India):

If there is one country that is seriously going forward with its digitalization plan, then it is India. This gala event is expected to have more than 3000 attendees, 150 speakers, 20 sessions and 10 workshops. Following Indian government’s demonetization directive, the nation’s trend and prospect in digital shopping are expected to grow manifold. This conference will mostly focus on technical innovations, competition survival, eCommerce and market trends. It will be the nation’s 5th annual eCommerce, Retail and mobile conference to reveal greater insight on Amazon marketing services and other online shopping. The entry fee for the event is around $293.49 per person.

eTail West (February 27 – March 02, 2017, California, USA):

The American city of California will host this mega e-commerce event to be attended by the people engaged in online marketing in one way or the other. The event is a must for every online firm wishing to make it big in the world of online marketing. With more than 600 companies, 1200 retailers, and countless audience, the event is set to be world-class. As many as 200 well-experienced speakers will address the participants to infuse a fresh sense of motivation to take their online business and Amazon marketing strategy forward. The gold pass is available for each participant at $2299 including the cost of his attendance to the mobile summit and all sessions of the conference.

Catalyst 2017, hosted by channel advisor (6-8th March 2017, Nashville, USA):

The capital city of Tennessee in the US will witness a jam-packed gathering of budding entrepreneurs and delegates at Catalyst 2017. Some of the brightest minds in the industry such as Lal Hawton, David Spitz, Scott Hilton among others will participate in the event. Leading firms such as Yahoo, Meridian, RetailOps eBay and Amazon services among others will participate in the event. Representatives from big online giants like Google and Facebook will also grace the event. Speakers will address the participants to share some vital insights on online business. Each participant will have to pay a minimum entry fee of $975 per person.

Seller’s Conference for Online Entrepreneurs (SCOE) (7-10th March 2017, Philadelphia, USA):

The SCOE will be a 3-day get-together to be held in Philadelphia. The event will throw light on adopting the newer techniques to promote one’s business online. Budding entrepreneurs will get to directly meet the enlightened speakers at the occasion. Keynote speakers like Eric Lawrence, Tim Jordan, Ian Lurie and Peter Kearns among others will be present at the occasion in the list of erudite speakers at the event. Each participant has to pay around 700USD to participate at the event.

Dx3 2017 (8-9th March 2017, Toronto, Canada):

The Dx3 event will largely focus on the latest changes in the world of online retail shopping. Top brands like Shopify and MasterCard will also attend this 2-day conference. This conference will help the online retailers and store owners to know about the changing dynamics of online merchandising. It will be Canada’s largest digital marketing and retail tech event of 2017. Each participant will have to pay $375 to enjoy all sessions of the conference.

Bronto Summit 2017 (24-27th April, Las Vegas, US):

The primary motive behind organizing this event is to facilitate the direct meet between online store owners and customers. It will help the attendees know about the latest trends and practice in online shopping. Entrepreneurs can get their queries easily solved at the conference by the best Amazon FBA Expert. Participants of this year include big companies like Email aptitude, magnetic and something digital. Entry fee for the summit is $289 per person.

Internet Retailing Expo (5-6th April 2017, Birmingham, UK):

The Internet Retailing Expo or simply IRX will be organized in the UK’s historic Birmingham city this year. Many international dignitaries and online merchants are expected to reach the venue to motivate online merchandise stores. As many as around 90 internationally renowned speakers will speak on online shopping trends and challenges at the event. A total of 5000 entrepreneurs is expected to take part in it.

Magento Imagine 2017 (3rd-5th April 2017, Las Vegas, US):

This eCommerce conference will be held to analyze various aspects of online brand promotion and how to survive in this era of cut-throat competition. In its seventh year, Imagine 2017 is set to bring 2,000+ online merchants, partners, and eCommerce experts from more than 40+ countries to exchange ideas and build relationships. Each participant will have to pay $995 to attend the seminar. However, the rates may go up during last minute registration.

IRCE 2017 (6-9th June 2017, Chicago, US):
IRCE or the Internet Retailer Conference Exhibition will acquaint the participants with various modes of digitalization and ways to enhance one’s digital sales strategy over the internet. It will immensely benefit the internet retailer. The agenda for the event has been meticulously planned out to touch all the burning issues before the online sellers and find a meaningful solution to the same. The expert editorial staff at Internet Retailer magazine has brainstormed the topics for this seminar.

The conference will divulge the latest online commerce trends, new SEO techniques, and general marketing strategy. Nearly 600 online vendors are expected to arrive at the venue to grasp some useful tips on increasing sales on eBay and other online stores. The price for the event is set as $1399 per participant as of now. It may go up in future.

Online Retailer Sydney (26-27th July 2017, Sydney, Australia):

This 2-day conference will be based mainly on the themes of online retailing, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship. Big brands like Demandway, Fastway couriers, Eway, Web central and Startrack among others are sponsoring the event. Participants should visit the conference grasp a better idea about ecommerce solutions and online retailing in a real quick time. Many erudite speakers will speak at the event too.

ShopTalk:(19-22nd March 2017, Las Vegas, US):

This 3-day conference is touted as one of the biggest “nextgen e-commerce events” in the US. The conference will look into various methods of online trade and shopping. The conference will also reveal the changing dynamics of customer’s choice while choosing a product online. At least, 5000 attendees will visit this mega-conference. Around 250 sponsors are expected to visit the conference this year.

Retail Global (12-14th September 2017, Las Vegas, US):

This retail-oriented event will promote the online sales of their products by the way of Amazon marketing or eBay sales. Leading industry experts like Jason Trichel, Stacie Sefton, John Kelly and Jim Banks among others will grace the event. The retailer ticket for the conference is set to be around $495. However, prices may go up soon due to the overwhelming response from the participants from across the globe.

SHOP.ORG – Retail’s Digital Summit (25-27th September 2017, Los Angeles, US):

The famous American city of Los Angeles will host this annual event to explain the latest trends of digital shopping and e-commerce activities. The event will be held from September 25 to September 27, 2017. Many speakers will attend the conference to explain the important trends of retailing in the coming years. Sir Richard Branson, the entrepreneur wizard, will also grace the event to impart necessary entrepreneurship insights to the people attending the event.

This New Year will be extremely important for online entrepreneurs. As more and more customers are making their purchase online, it is becoming extremely difficult for a business person to stay ahead of the rest. However, these gala conferences will surely help the entrepreneurs to strategize their online marketing objectives in a far better way.

For further guidance, you should visit an Amazon SEO specialist of eStore Factory to get in-depth knowledge about selling your products on Amazon and other online retail stores. The very purpose of organizing these world-class international seminars and events is to let the online retailers become aware of the latest technology and know-how on how to generate more sales through online mode.

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