Top 5 Reasons Why E-commerce Businesses Should Go For Shopify

Posted by Jimi Patel | March 9, 2018

Shopify is the latest addition to the list of online e-commerce apps extremely essential for conducting the day-to-day operation of online retail businesses. Briefly, the best definition of Shopify is it an e-commerce platform offering a host of exclusive features and necessary benefits, including Shopify SEO services that are imperative for the future growth of an online merchandising store.

According to the latest statistics of Shopify, it is currently the most powerful online eCommerce solution with a worldwide presence in 175 countries serving more than 500,000 entrepreneurs and online traders. With each passing day, online retailing becomes more competitive than ever. Here the rule is simple; either performs or perishes.

Benefits of Shopify for Online Merchandise Store Owners

Superfast Operation and Page Loading: Page loading speed is a decisive factor in online retailing. Unless customers can get their web pages opened easily within a fraction of a second, they won’t continue with that site. Shopify not only enhances the speed of the site but also protects the e-commerce portal from hacking and other cyber crimes.

On an average, a little more than 2 seconds delay in loading of an e-commerce site could literally piss off any users or visitors. It might increase the failure rate by 20%. According to a statistic by Shopify, page speed is an essential factor to boost sales.

Outstanding Look and Design: Shopify has a lot of stunning designs and themes that perfectly cater to the needs of the e-commerce website. It allows users to check the demo theme first before activating the same. It supports HTML and CSS also.

The Shopify store design services offer plenty of themes relating to the development of an e-commerce store. The latest research says that 51% of people use shopping sites from their smartphones. And, Shopify provides a perfect experience for shoppers on both smartphones and PCs as well.

Customer Assistance and Online Help: Offering flawless and seamless shopping experience to customers is the need of the hour. Shopify provides essential customer support assistance and helps through its unique Shopify app development algorithm with latest updates and features. Accenture survey states that 59% of consumers wish to get personalized assistance and promotional discounts.

Essential Business Add-ons to Boost Business: The Shopify app also comes with various other important themes so that online retailers could easily enhance their productivity, and boost sales as well. Shopify theme developers specifically provide easy to a connectible plugin that works wonderfully on Shopify app.

Independent Mode of Payment: Shopify also offers the direct mode of payment transfer using its platform. Its payment gateway is validated by Stripe. Another benefit of using this payment gateway is its easy integration with Sage Pay, PayPal, and WorldPay among other online payment apps.

If you also wish to promote and boost your business in no time, then you should integrate your online retail store with Shopify. Consult Shopify developers for eCommerce development today to know more about the services, and how Shopify platform could do wonder for your online merchandise store.

Shopify now has a large number of pleased customers and online retail entrepreneurs across the world. In the United States (US) it has a satisfied customer-base of around 500,000 online store owners followed by other places. Shopify is growing by leap and bounds in India as well.

Published by Jimi Patel

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