Top Amazon A+ Content (EBC) Examples

Posted by Tushar Kapadia | June 10, 2022

What is Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) / Amazon A+ Content?

Amazon A+ Content, formerly called Enhanced Brand Content, allows brand registered sellers to refurbish their existing text product description using high-quality product images, hero banners, infographics, crisp text blocks and comparison charts. 

Beautiful headings, larger-than-life hero banners, and brand-centric sales copy – all combine to set your product and brand apart in a way that’s not possible through the text-only description.  

How much does Amazon EBC Cost?

Amazon EBC is correctly available free to all sellers enrolled in Brand Registry 2.0. 

Benefits of adding A+ Content to your listing

  • Allows sellers to describe crucial product information, features, benefits and USPs succinctly. 
  • Highlights brand story and value proposition to differentiate from the competitors.
  • According to Amazon, adding A+ Content to a listing can boost the conversion rate by 10%.
  • Helps shoppers make an informed purchase decision, ultimately reducing negative reviews and returns.
  • Differentiates your brand from the competitors who lack the same standards.
  • Reduces bounce rate by giving shoppers all the information they need to make a purchase.
  • Lifestyle banners used in A+ Content helps shoppers envision the product in their lives. 

Tips for creating effective A+ Content?

  • Your A+ Content should convey brand identity and establish loyalty. You can do this by dedicating a module to communicate brand ethics, story and unique value proposition.
  • Cross-sell and up-sell using the comparison chart module.
  • About 47% of Amazon customers are now using their mobile devices to shop. If your EBC is not optimized for smaller screens, you are losing half of the customers. 
  • Instead of building walls of text, cherry-pick catchy taglines and integrate them into lifestyle banners to make it easier for the shoppers to digest information. 
  • Shoppers will be eager to read the reviews. To ensure they don’t scroll past your A+ Content, grab their attention using a bright-colored, bold banner or a lifestyle image. 
  • Show your target audience in lifestyle images to better connect with your shoppers. For example, if you are selling menopause supplements, you might want to show a 50-something woman enjoying their life and staying fit.
  • Highlight all important product details using infographic banners. It makes boring information fun to look at and keeps your EBC from being overwhelming for the shoppers. 
  • Leave plenty of white space to create a cleaner look.
  • Embed storytelling to build an emotional connection with the shoppers. 
  • Hire professional EBC service for best results.

Best A+ Content/EBC Designs

Below we have shared some of our A+ Content optimization that you can look to for some design inspo

#1: Acorn Solution

Acorn Solution

#2: Gadget Store


Gadget Store

#3: VitaVerve



#4: Xeners


#5: Orga Ecofriendly

Orga Ecofriendly

#6: Carbo



#7: Brush Creek Shop


Brush Creek Shop

#8: Abwage



#9: Dodjivi



#10: Rexy Sports


Rexy Sports

#11: Orga Ecofriendly


Orga Ecofriendly

#12: Yara



#13: Heather & Willow


Heather & Willow

#14: Acorn Solutions


Acorn Solutions

#15: Sunday Road


Sunday Road

#16: Masao Mask


Masao Mask