What Is Amazon A+ Content / Enhanced Brand Content

Posted by Tushar Kapadia | May 6, 2022

Amazon A+ Content, previously called Amazon Enhanced Brand Content, allows brand registered sellers to transform the product description of their branded ASIN.

Using various EBC modules, brands can describe the product features, USP, benefits, uses and specifications in a visually appealing way.

Benefits of Adding Enhanced Brand Content to Your Listing

  • Helps boost the conversion rate by 3-10% (according to Amazon)
  • Visually rich content appeals to shoppers better than a plain block of text
  • When created the right way, EBC gives shoppers all the information they need to make a purchase
  • Gives a branded and professional look to your listing

Answering Common Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) Questions:

1) Is Enhance Brand Content (EBC) indexed by Amazon?

Amazon has confirmed that A+ Content is not indexed by Amazon, but it is indexed by search engines like Google, so it will still help increase visibility.

2) Is There a Fee for Creating A+ Content?

A+ Content is available free to all sellers registered in the brand registry program. This also includes sellers selling through Amazon Launchpad and the Amazon Exclusives Program.

3) What’s the Difference Between Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), A+ Content, A++ Content, and Premium A+?

Sellers often get confused between these terms. Let’s sort this out today.

When EBC was first launched in 2017, it had predefined templates where third-party sellers could add images and content. A+ Content at that time was for vendors (first-party sellers) only. A+ Content had exclusive modules that were quite similar to A+ Content modules you’re seeing presently.

In 2019, Amazon combined EBC and A+ into one, so now sellers and vendors have the same modules to work with.

A++ Content and A+ Premium Content are the same. A++ Content is an invite-only feature and is way better than EBC (and expensive, too!). Brands can add more interactive modules, videos, expandable FAQs and more. Learn more about Premium A+ Content here.

4) What type of modules can I add to my EBC and how many can I add per Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)?

Brands can add up to seven modules per EBC. Below is a list of EBC modules:

  • Logo
  • Amazon image text modules
  • Comparison chart modules (works great for cross-selling)
  • Banner modules
  • Product specification modules
  • Carousel module
  • Modules with bulleted feature lists
  • Standard text-only modules

5) How Long Does it Tah3ke for Amazon to Approve Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)?

Amazon approves or rejects the EBC within seven days. If your EBC is rejected, Amazon will state the exact reason for EBC rejection. Read our blog to know the common reasons for EBC rejection.

6) What will happen to my current description once EBC is live?

The A+ Content will override your current plain-text description. Ensure that your A+ Content contains all the information from your product description field. Although your text description won’t show on the detail page, it will still be indexed from the backend.

7) Is it worth adding EBC to my listing?

Yes, yes, a hundred times yes! EBC instantly elevates the look of your listing. Beautiful headings, high-quality lifestyle banners, and engaging copy all combine to make your brand stand out. It decreases bounce rate, increases engagement and reinforces brand equity. Look at the example below; what would you rather want to look at if you were on the detail page?

Without Enhanced Brand Content (EBC):

amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

With Enhanced Brand Content (EBC):

amazon a+ content

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