What Is Amazon Inspire & How Can It Benefit Brands

Posted by Jimi Patel | May 11, 2023

Amazon has jumped on the short-form video bandwagon with the launch of Amazon Inspire, a TikTok-style feed built right into the Amazon shopping app. The feature aims to help customers discover new products based on their interests, presented by influencers, brands, and other Amazon customers. Amazon sellers now have the opportunity to leverage this new feature to reach potential customers and increase their sales.

Amazon Inspire is designed to make shopping more fun and engaging than traditional product listings. Customers can scroll through a personalized feed of vertical videos and photos to discover new products that match their interests. They can even purchase products directly from their feed without having to visit the product listing. For brands, having their products featured on Amazon Inspire means increased exposure, brand awareness, and the potential to increase conversion rates. It’s also an opportunity to create customized branded posts and showcase lifestyle videos and images of their products.

It is not the first time that Amazon has incorporated social media elements into its platform. Amazon has been experimenting with various social media features for several years, including Amazon Live, which allows brands and influencers to host live video streams to showcase products, and Amazon Posts, which allows brands to share images and videos of their products on Amazon’s app and website.

However, Amazon Inspire differs from these other features in that it focuses specifically on short-form video and image content. This reflects a larger trend in social media towards short-form content, which has become increasingly popular on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

How does Amazon Inspire work?

How does Amazon Inspire work?

The platform is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward for customers. Once users open Inspire, they will be prompted to choose from a list of interests. After they choose the categories they are interested in, the shoppable feed will deliver video and photo content based on those selections.

Customers can shop for products as they scroll through the feed. Once they reach a product they’re interested in, they can click on the product and will have the option to see more product details or “Add to Cart.”4

Who can post content to Amazon Inspire?

At the moment, there is no way to post content directly to Amazon Inspire. However, there are three ways to create content for Inspire:

  • Amazon customers:

    Customers who post product reviews with a video or image are eligible to appear in Inspire. Currently, there is no way to choose which reviews end up in the shoppable feed; it is just random.

  • Amazon Influencers:

    If you are enrolled in the Amazon Influencer Program, any photos or videos posted to your Amazon Storefront will be eligible to appear in Inspire.

  • Brands:

    If you have a brand enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry with an active Amazon Storefront, the qualifying photos you post to Amazon Posts will be eligible to appear in Inspire.

What are the benefits of Amazon Inspire for brands?

What are the benefits of Amazon Inspire for brands?

The biggest benefit of having products featured on Inspire is the opportunity to help new customers discover your brand and the products you offer. When products appear on Amazon Inspire, brands can enjoy increased exposure and brand awareness, an increase in conversion rates, an opportunity to create customized branded posts, and the chance to show off lifestyle videos and images of products. Customers can purchase products directly from their feed without having to visit the product listing.

Are your products on Amazon Inspire?

If you’re a seller on Amazon, you might be wondering if your products are already featured on Amazon Inspire. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to find out, as there is no dedicated section for Inspire on Amazon. The best way to check is to search for your products on the Amazon app, and then look for the Inspire logo next to the product title. If you’re a brand owner, it’s important to be actively posting content in Amazon Posts to increase your chances of having your products show up in customers’ shoppable feeds. Product listing optimization can help to boost your visibility and increase your chances of being featured on Amazon Inspire.

In addition to the benefits for brands mentioned above, Amazon Inspire also offers benefits for influencers who participate in the program. By posting content to Inspire, influencers have the opportunity to reach a wider audience and potentially gain more followers, which can lead to more opportunities for brand collaborations and sponsorships.

For customers, Amazon Inspire offers a more engaging and personalized shopping experience. Rather than scrolling through endless product listings, customers can discover new products and brands that align with their interests and style through the Inspire feed. This can make shopping feel less overwhelming and more enjoyable.

Amazon Inspire represents a significant opportunity for brands, influencers, and customers alike. By leveraging the power of short-form video and image content, Amazon has created a more engaging and personalized shopping experience that could help brands reach new audiences and customers discover new products and brands that align with their interests and style.

So if you’re a brand or seller on Amazon, it’s worth considering how you can incorporate Amazon Inspire into your overall marketing and sales strategy. With high-quality, engaging content that resonates with customers and aligns with their interests, you can increase your visibility and reach on Amazon and drive more sales for your business. Get in touch with our Amazon consultants to explore this interesting feature and further enhance your brand presence and profitability on Amazon.

Published by Jimi Patel

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