WooCommerce – A Perfect Solution For Online Business

Posted by Jimi Patel | March 23, 2018

In a short span of time, the App Company WooCommerce has become extremely popular among virtual merchandise owners. In fact, WooCommerce refers to a free plugin that is designed and developed facilitating the purchase and sell products online.

A developer can transform any normal WordPress shopping site into a wonderful online retail showroom with multiple shopping features using woo commerce plugin. According to the latest statistics, 1986324 websites use woocommerce plugin round the clock.

The WooCommerce website development services consulting company is especially interested in guiding the digital shoppers to make a purchase from the online store directly using its services and features.

Advantages of WooCommerce in Online Shopping

Selling and Cross Selling: The WooCommerce integration services enable users to use its enriched feature, including selling and purchasing various items sans any fuss.

According to the latest statistics of Woocommerce, around 22097921 users and developers are using the features of WooCommerce on a consistency basis clearly indicating its growing popularity.

No Compatibility Issue: Plugins like WooCommerce can easily integrate with multiple gateways relating to payment and other modes of payment, including Cheque Payment. The latest trends suggest that around 30% of all e-commerce stores on WordPress are connected to Woocommerce in on the way or other.

Better Statistics and Analysis: Various API tools are now being embedded with the web pages to ensure that every WooCommerce Store reflects right and correct visitors’ record on a consistent basis. In comparison to other WordPress e-commerce plugins, WooCommerce contributes 94% of same. So, WooCommerce is set to be the hottest WordPress this year.

Customer Retention: WooCommerce provides essential service to online retailers to retain customers through its unique referral schemes. Such schemes are plenty of WordPress sites powered by WooCommerce.

Mobile Compatibility: The theme & design customization development of the WooCommerce is such that it fully supports mobile compatibility. So, any user can log on to such websites instantly using their mobiles and smartphones too.

Outstanding Customer Support: WooCommerce team is prominent and excellent when it comes to rendering customer support services to the users. The team is available round the clock and is always earnest to resolve customers’ query in no time.

Search Engine Optimization Facility: WooCommerce comes preloaded with SEO facility that allows users to market their products online via digital marketing easily.

The Last Word on How WooCommerce is Winning Hearts
All ambitious and focused retailers must install this all-in-one WordPress web plugin for better performance and enhanced selling activities. WooCommerce makes it easier for the retailer to showcase their products worldwide and customers also find it immensely convenient to buy the products of their choice instantly online from the site itself.

No doubt, on installing this plugin app, all online sellers will be able to make the best out of it. This is very simple to use and comes with interactive UI and easy to recognize the app switch for activation and deactivation on WordPress shopping websites.

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