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Emerging costume brand taps into Sponsored Products to drive sales

Posted by Jimi Patel | September 23, 2022
Emerging costume brand taps into Sponsored Products to drive sales


Foreplay wanted to leverage Sponsored Products to scale their Amazon presence. Because of a lack of in-house resources and Amazon expertise, Foreplay began looking for an agency that could develop and implement strategies to increase sales and drive visibility using Sponsored Products. In January 2022, they partnered with us. Their goal was simple: Increasing visibility and sales while maintaining ACOS below 15%. 

Here are some key strategies we executed while building out Sponsored Products campaigns: 

Retail readiness: It is critical to have your product detail pages and Brand Store optimized before launching advertising campaigns. That’s why we manually checked each detail page to ensure that the copy is informative, the imagery is high resolution, A+ Content aligns with the brand and there is a healthy level of inventory. 

New campaign creation and existing campaign overhaul: Apart from overhauling and refreshing existing campaigns, we created new automatic campaigns to unveil untapped keywords. Campaigns with brand-specific keywords made it easy for audiences to find Foreplay’s products, while non-branded keyword campaigns were created to increase reach. 

Bidding strategy: We utilized fixed bids and dynamic down-only bidding for campaigns that needed constant attention and dynamic up and down bidding on high-performing campaigns with potential.  

Targeting and placement options: Specific category and product targeting campaigns were created to surface ads on detail pages of similar products. Top performing campaigns were run with the top of search placement to maximize visibility and broaden reach. Example campaign name: ESF-Seductress Costume-Manual. 

Sponsored Display & Sponsored Brands: Sponsored Brands campaigns were redirected to Stores where audiences can learn more about the brand and access its entire product line-up. Sponsored Display campaigns were created to broaden the reach and target audiences already interested in Foreplay’s products. The bids for Sponsored Display campaigns were optimized for viewable impression and conversion. 

Campaign performance analysis: To understand how the ad campaigns were performing, we relied on Amazon Advertising reporting tools like search terms, top of search and performance over time. We optimized campaigns by scaling best-performing keywords and adding new keywords from Sponsored Products automatic campaigns. The initial budget was limited, so to cut down on wasted spend, we used the tried and tested method of weeding out high ACOS keywords.

Positive business outcome:

From January 2022 to August 2022, Foreplay saw about a 274% increase in total sales. Detail page optimization efforts brought about a 250% increase in organic revenue and new visibility-focused campaigns increased paid sales by a whopping 463%. To align with the main goal of maintaining profitability, the ACOS was reduced from 19% and maintained at 13%.

January 2022 August 2022
Total sales $75,931 $284,348
Organic sales $67,134 $234,818
PPC sales $8,796 $49,530
Ad impressions 2,409,145 12,103,776
ACOS 19.12% 13.48%

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