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Green Max Products amplifies their Amazon presence with 100x increase in sales

Posted by Jimi Patel | September 23, 2022
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Green Max Products partnered with us to scale their Amazon presence and drive sales from scratch while maintaining an ACOS below 15%. The company had ambitious goals for its product line and to meet its goals; we created a full-funnel strategy centered around Sponsored Ads.

The incorporation of Sponsored Ads:

Starting January 2022, we began working with Green Max to reach its goals. Here’s a breakdown of our strategy:

Retail readiness: Before bringing in additional traffic, our SEO team worked on product listings to ensure a great customer experience. Detail page copy was revised to be informative and keyword-rich, high-resolution images were added, engaging A+ Content were created and uploaded for top selling SKUs and inventory levels were checked to ensure advertised products do not run out of stock.

Getting started with research: To identify areas for growth, we also conducted robust research into the categories Green Max was selling in. Our team identified specific keywords where their products did not have a presence. We then created campaigns focused on those keywords to encourage new-to-brand sales.

Sponsored Products: We leveraged Sponsored Product campaigns to help shoppers find Green Max’s products in search results and detail pages of similar products. We started off by creating automatic campaigns to unearth unique terms used by shoppers. Based on the data from automatic campaigns, we created manual campaigns. Sponsored Products campaigns were created initially with non-branded keywords and as the sales gained momentum, campaigns with brand-specific keywords were created to promote brand discovery. Product and category targeting campaigns were utilized to broaden reach and surface ads on competitor’s detail pages.

Sponsored Display: To reach relevant audience on and off Amazon, our team launched Sponsored Display campaigns. We leveraged view and purchase remarketing to reach shoppers who have recently browsed categories Green Max was selling in.

Sponsored Brands: With the goal of driving brand awareness, Sponsored Brands campaigns were created. Product targeting was specifically used to show ads on detail pages of similar products. A custom image, brand logo, and catchy headline were added to make the campaigns look visually appealing and professional.

Taking advantage of key sale events: Tentpole events like Prime Day provided additional opportunities to reach new customers and grow brand awareness. 

Positive business outcome:

Amazon ad campaigns created by us exceeded expectations. Between January 2022 and August 2022, Green Max saw a 15K increase in total sales, with 33% attributed to advertising. We also helped achieve its ACOS goal of 13%.

Before After
January 2022 August 2022
Total Sales $150 $15,509
PPC sales $0 $5070
ROAS 0 7.32
Impressions 3 173,350

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