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Health and supplement brand sees a 347% increase in advertising sales by incorporating Sponsored Ads in their strategy

Posted by Jimi Patel | September 23, 2022
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Health supplements brand Lifestrength produces wellness products like multivitamins, probiotics, vitamins, and minerals. In January 2022, they hired our services and tasked us with generating overall brand awareness in the crowded health and supplements category while growing sales for Lifestrength’s catalog.

The incorporation of Sponsored Ads

To reach the goals set by Lifestrength, we formulated a strategy that focused on increasing sales of the top-performing SKUs while building a halo effect for the rest of the product line. We leveraged Sponsored Ads to generate momentum for the top-selling products on Amazon.

Retail readiness: To start, the SEO team made sure that all the product detail pages were retail-ready and complete with an informative copy, high-resolution images and A+ Content. Detail page content was optimized for both search and conversion.

Sponsored Products: Our experts utilized automatic campaigns to unveil new search terms that were not there in existing manual campaigns. We bid strategically on profitable keywords from automatic campaigns.

Sponsored Brands: These campaigns were used to drive brand awareness and to guide qualified traffic to Stores. Our team created a custom image to show the product lineup, tested various headlines and highlighted three top-selling products in their campaigns. Before creating Sponsored Brands campaigns, Lifestrength’s brand store was optimized with shoppable images, call-to-action modules and lifestyle images to engage shoppers.

Sponsored Display: These campaigns were used to promote cross-selling. Product and category targeting options were used to surface ads on detail pages of similar products.

Constant optimization: To measure the effectiveness of the Sponsored ad campaigns, we utilized several advertising reports, including search term, performance over time and impression share. Bulk sheets were used to run larger updates, especially when adding or removing keywords and adjusting bids.

Positive business outcome

By July 2022, Lifestrength was able to achieve its goal of increasing brand awareness and overall sales via Amazon ad campaigns. Sales attributed to Amazon advertising increased by 347% in seven months, with a 37% reduction in overall ACOS. The use of Sponsored ads also brought about a 537% increase in impression, which means the campaigns were reaching a large number of relevant shoppers.

January 2022 July 2022
Total Sales $10,451 $25,839
Organic Sales $9080 $19700
PPC sales $1,371 $6,139
ACOS 103% 66%
Ad impressions 119,360 760,867

Published by Jimi Patel

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