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Home essentials brand creates a “better-together” strategy to reach goals

Posted by Jimi Patel | September 23, 2022
Home essentials brand creates a "better-together" strategy to reach goals


Houseables is a digitally-based brand specializing in household goods with over 500+ products under its umbrella. In an attempt to raise brand awareness and reach new audiences, Houseables decided to leverage Sponsored Ads. They tasked us with the goal of reaching existing and new audiences at different stages of their shopping journey.

The incorporation of Amazon Sponsored Ads

Working closely with Houseables, our team developed a strategy driven towards increasing the discoverability of the products and unlocking advertising success. We launched Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns in tandem with Sponsored Display campaigns to support set goals. 

Here’s a breakdown of our broad-spectrum multiple-part plan:

Started off strong with optimized, “retail-ready” listing: A closer look at the listing helped the team understand where the products lagged. Through comprehensive research of our existing listings, they identified the key aspects for improvements: product copy, images and Buy Box.

Existing campaign overhaul: Initial campaign overhaul and clean-up helped reduce wasted spend and highlighted opportunities for improvement.

Sponsored Products automatic and manual campaigns were created to help shoppers find products in shopping results. As the brand was already established, new campaigns were created with brand-specific keywords. Campaigns with product and category targeting surfaced ads on relevant detail pages to widen reach.

Customized Sponsored Brand campaigns generated awareness, increased consideration and attracted more shoppers to Amazon Store and detail pages. To stand out in desktop and mobile shopping results, and increase visibility, Sponsored Brands video ads were created for high-performing products.

Sponsored Display to remarket shoppers who have not yet converted: To reach relevant shoppers on and off Amazon, Sponsored Display campaigns were launched. Views and purchase remarketing strategies brought an increase in repeat purchases. The campaign’s biddings were optimized for viewable impressions, page visits, conversions and audiences.

Positive business outcome:

Leveraging Amazon advertising best practices, we were able to deliver record-breaking results with a whopping 300% increase in PPC revenue. Despite the increase in paid sales, we were still able to maintain the ACOS at 13.42%, which decreased from 25.75%. New-to-brand orders increased from 1363 in December 2021 to 5423 in May 2022. The brand saw a 227% increase in total PPC orders from 5204 to 9412. 

Dec-21 May-22
Total Sales $1,005,088 $1,320,809
PPC Sales $125,274 $375,957
ACOS 25.75% 13.42%
PPC Orders 4136 9412
Impression 7,851,032 15, 488, 850
NTB Orders 1363 5427
ROAS 3.88 7.46

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