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How Green Philosophy Co. leveraged Sponsored Brands to promote brand growth and discovery

Posted by Jimi Patel | September 23, 2022
How Green Philosophy Co. leveraged Sponsored Brands to promote brand growth and discovery


Green Philosophy Co. is a woman-owned venture that started in a small apartment with the sole aim of offering nature’s soothing experience at home. Their decor products are a perfect amalgamation of art and plant-themed products that makes an ideal gift for any occasion. The uniqueness of the product brought its own challenge, so we started working with us to manage their accounts and advertising campaigns. 

Their goal was to increase brand awareness in the fast-paced home décor category. We decided to leverage Sponsored Brands to reinforce the brand’s positioning.

The incorporation of Sponsored Brands

Before creating any new Sponsored Brand campaigns, we worked to get Green Philosophy Co’s products retail-ready by auditing their detail page copy, adding high-resolution images and ensuring a healthy inventory level. To offer shoppers a consistent brand experience at every touch point, we optimized A+ Content and Stores.

Sponsored Brands: After the detail pages were ready for traffic, new Sponsored Brand campaigns were created to build awareness and reach shoppers who were in the consideration phase of their shopping journey. The traffic from Sponsored Brand campaigns was directed to the detail pages and Stores, making it easier for the customers to shop the brand’s entire product selection and discover products that fit their preferences. We utilized keyword targeting to discover shoppers already looking for similar products and product targeting to maximize reach and coverage. The ads were customized with rich creatives to increase their visual quotient.

Sponsored Brands video: To communicate the product’s unique features in an interactive and engaging way, we utilized Sponsored Brands video. Using 30-second video creatives, the ads captured viewers’ attention and reached a broad audience who were browsing similar categories.

Sponsored Products: To drive brand loyalty and conversion at the lower funnel, we utilized Sponsored ProductsAutomatic campaigns were created to discover untapped keywords and manual campaigns with product and category targeting options were created to surface ads on detail pages of similar products.

Positive business outcome

Within the period of five months, our team helped Green Philosophy Co. achieve a 213% increase in total sales and a 162% increase in paid sales, all while decreasing the ACOS by 22%. The campaign also helped strengthen brand positioning, as we saw a 49% uplift in new-to-brand sales.

February 2022 July 2022
Total Sales $24,555 $77,000
PPC sales $13,018 $34,113
ACOS 41.73% 19.61%
ROAS 2 5
Impressions $1,871,701 $2,474,633
New to brand sales $4316 $6425

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