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How GT Omega Racing reached new audiences with Sponsored Products

Posted by Jimi Patel | September 23, 2022
How GT Omega Racing reached new audiences with Sponsored Products


GT Omega is one of the leading brands specializing in gaming products ranging from simulation gaming chairs and accessories for use in eSports and gaming. They began looking for a partner to provide them with a robust advertising strategy that could increase exposure for both new and existing products. Their specific focus was on growing new-to-brand customers.  

Here’s a brief of their ad strategy

We implemented a strategy focused on utilizing Sponsored Products to increase GT Omega’s visibility within their existing product categories.  

Preparing listings for traffic: To ensure the success of their Sponsored Products campaigns, our SEO experts checked the retail readiness of all the advertised ASINs. Creating A+ Content, adding informative copy and filling empty image slots with high-resolution product shots, we made sure that the detail pages were optimized for conversion.  

Campaign creation: We kicked off their Sponsored Products strategy by creating automatic campaigns to identify additional terms customers are using to shop for similar products. Multiple manual campaigns were created with broad keywords to expand reach. Single keyword campaigns were created to improve ranking on the product’s main keywords. Impression share and search term reports were used to identify keywords with a healthy amount of traffic.  

Product and category targeting: By creating Sponsored Products campaigns with product and category targeting, the ads surfaced on detail pages of similar products. These campaigns significantly helped reach customers who were shopping for similar products and attracted relevant audiences to detail pages.  

Campaign placement: For the best performing campaigns, top of search placement was used to maximize visibility and broaden the reach. 

Bidding strategy: eStore Factory utilized a rule-based bidding strategy to take the guesswork out of adjusting bids. Example campaign name: SP – Christmas & New Year Sale – Wheel Stand – Manual. Dynamic up-and-down bidding was applied to high-performing campaigns to rank higher on key customer search terms. 

Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display campaigns were created to reach customers at all stages of their buying journey. Sponsored Brands campaigns were leveraged to drive awareness and guide qualified traffic to the newly-optimized brand store. Sponsored Display’s targeting techniques were used to surface ads on detail pages of similar products and GT Omega’s own detail pages

To measure and optimize the effectiveness of ad campaigns; we relied on several Amazon Advertising reports like search term, impression share and performance over time. We also used Bulk Sheets to run updates on a larger scale, like adding new keywords from the search term report, adjusting bids and other day-to-day optimization tasks.

Positive business outcome

In the first half of 2022, GT Omega saw a 261% increase in impressions, with 45% of the sales coming from new-to-brand orders. Paid sales increased by 2.7x over the period of seven months, with ACOS maintained under 10%.

Jan-22 Jul-22
Total sales $119,195 $314,199
PPC sales $46,777 $126,318
Ad impressions 1,251,118 3,272,717
ACOS 4.55% 9.42%

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