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How a Brand Selling Premium Greeting Cards Increased their Revenue by 5x Right After the Holiday Rush

Posted by SEO admin | June 6, 2024
Premium Greeting Card Brand's Revenue Surges 5x Post-Holiday Rush

Category: Stationery

Brand Overview

Aly Lou, a Canadian business, specializes in crafting distinctive paper products aimed at enhancing celebrations and everyday moments. Despite traditionally slower sales during January and February, Aly Lou saw unexpected success in February, marking it as their most prosperous month.


The primary challenge we encountered was the difficulty in generating sales during January and February, traditionally slower months. Additionally, the nature of their products, such as greeting cards, posed a unique hurdle. Unlike fitness and health-related items, which often see increased demand due to New Year’s resolutions, greeting cards face a decline in sales after the holiday rush.


  • Developed and implemented targeted marketing campaigns to promote Aly Lou’s unique paper products, focusing on the emotional appeal and versatility of greeting cards for various occasions.
  • Made minor changes in the product listings to improve visibility and attract potential customers.
  • Created special promotions and discounts for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, to capitalize on increased demand for greeting cards during these periods.
  • Conducted thorough keyword research and optimized PPC campaigns to target relevant search terms and maximize ad visibility.
  • Implemented strategic bidding strategies to optimize ad spend and improve ROI, adjusting bids based on performance metrics and competitor analysis.
  • Crafted compelling ad copy with clear calls-to-action to entice clicks and drive traffic to Aly Lou’s product listings.
  • Monitored campaign performance closely, making real-time adjustments to keywords, bids, and ad creatives to improve overall campaign effectiveness and drive sales.
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