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Vitasei accelerates brand awareness with Sponsored Brands

Posted by Jimi Patel | September 23, 2022
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Vitasei, a premium health and beauty brand, leveraged Sponsored Brands to drive brand awareness. Health and beauty is a crowded category on Amazon and Vitasei was looking for a way to stand out in a pool of similar products, all while keeping advertising cost of sales (ACOS) at or below 20%. The company enlisted us to support their goals. 

The incorporation of Amazon Sponsored Ads

Our strategy included using Sponsored Brands to its full potential. But before optimizing existing campaigns or creating new SB campaigns, we focused on retail readiness of the detail pages. Our team of listing optimization experts refreshed product detail pages with informative and keyword-rich copy, engaging A+ Content and listing images to accelerate conversion. 

After the detail pages were optimized, new Sponsored Brand campaigns were created to drive customers to optimized product detail pages and Brand Store. 

One of the most successful strategies was to utilize the best performing keywords from Sponsored Products automatic campaigns and reuse them for Sponsored Brand video campaigns. Positioned within the search results, Sponsored Brand video ads were almost unmissable and helped drive valuable traffic to the detail pages. 

As the products boasted a healthy number of reviews and competitive pricing, Sponsored Display product targeting and category targeting were used to surface ads on detail pages of similar products 

Top of search placement was used for best-performing Sponsored Product campaigns to maximize visibility and broaden reach. Campaigns were set with dynamic up and down bidding options to increase the likelihood of showcasing ads in front of relevant shoppers and reduce spend on less impactful placements.  

We utilized bulk reports to manage campaigns, optimize bids and cut down on wasted spend. Additionally, the search term report and performance benchmark report provided crucial insights into campaign performance.

Positive business outcome:

Working with Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display and interacting with top-of-the-funnel audiences, Vitasei saw a 1799% increase in PPC sales, with 70% of orders being new-to-brand. The Sponsored Ad campaigns delivered 70K+ impressions and outperformed benchmarks across multiple KPIs. The holistic approach brought about a 423% increase in organic sales.

January 2022 August 2022
Total sales $6,708 $50,982
Organic sales $5,553 $29,054
PPC sales $1,154 $21,928
ACOS 45% 19%
Ad impressions 234,707 735,581

Published by Jimi Patel

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