Case study

100K Sales Increase in 1 Month

Posted by Jimi Patel | March 31, 2021

Account stats before outsourcing to eStore Factory:

  • Total Sales: $97,263
  • Total Ordered Items: 1470
  • PPC Sales: $13,500.00
  • PPC ACOS: 11.46%

Account stats after outsourcing to eStore Factory:

  • Total Sales: $205,802.00
  • Total Ordered Items: 2665
  • PPC Sales: $39,140.00
  • PPC ACOS: 7.35%

Here’s everything we did to get the results:

  • Created Automated campaigns to maintain the ACOS and checked them daily to avoid any last minute surprises
  • Worked on listing Buybox and it in turn helped to achieve sustainable growth. It increased the organic discovery and with better PPC campaign as well
    • As AMZ does not allow to create variation for Beauty and personal care products, we carried out product grouping which resulted bifurcating them as per their use or treatment
  • Added negative keywords to reduce the spend
  • Micro-level bid adjustment to keep a check on ACOS