Case study

9% Decrease in PPC ACoS & 20k Sales Increased in A Competitive Category

Posted by Jimi Patel | April 19, 2021

Account stats before outsourcing to eStore Factory:

  • Total Sales: $35,193.97
  • Total Ordered Items: 225
  • PPC Sales: $9,536.79
  • PPC ACOS: 21.46%

Account stats after outsourcing to eStore Factory:

  • Total Sales: $55,282.15
  • Total Ordered Items: 316
  • PPC Sales: $9,899.82
  • PPC ACOS: 15.71%

Here’s everything we did to get the results:

  • Sorted the inventory issues faced earlier and that resulted in the active listings that positively affected the sales
  • Started optimizing campaigns by decreasing irrelevant spend, added negative keywords, adding more keywords and utilizing the budget effectively
  • Terminated low performing campaigns and created keyword-rich campaigns to reduce negative spend
  • The poor sales largely attributed to the fact that we rarely had Buy Box. We adjusted the focus and increased the Buy Box percentage that allowed us to get more sales
  • Creation of highly targeted campaigns to highlight high selling products and improve sale in low selling products