Case study

Considerable Increase in Sales with 90% Decreased ACoS

Posted by Jimi Patel | April 19, 2021

Account stats before outsourcing to eStore Factory:

  • Total Sales: $1,207.68
  • Total Ordered Items: 74
  • PPC Sales: $211.99
  • PPC ACOS: 166.9%

Account stats after outsourcing to eStore Factory:

  • Total Sales: $1,787.50
  • Total Ordered Items: 111
  • PPC Sales: $406.25
  • PPC ACOS: 64.73%

Here’s everything we did to get the results:

  • Added the highest search volume keywords in Manual Campaign
  • Regularly optimized the campaigns and adjusting the bid of keywords for getting higher sales Analysed the customer search term reports and targeted negative keywords in campaigns to reduce spending and ACoS
  • Targeted competitor’s ASIN to increase our product visibility and generate sales
  • Regularly monitoring the performance of all the campaigns in order to avoid surprises in the form of increased ACoS
  • Optimizing the existing catalogue to boost conversions