EBC Service



Enhanced brand content is a great feature that allows brand-registered sellers to showcase their products distinctively. You get to add extra details, product attributes, benefits, enhanced images, and a brand story to your Amazon listings. EBC lets you provide deeper insights about your brand and products to your customers. Helping customers with the information they need to know before a product purchase, greatly increases the chances of a sale. The attractive layouts and visuals act as a catalyst and create a rich shopping experience for your customers. Enhanced listings attract valuable traffic, improve your conversion rates, and eventually lead to a surge in your product sales.

We offer our specialized EBC services to improve your product listings, boost brand value and lend your shoppers an amazing buying journey. We completely refurbish your product listings to capture the imagination of your potential shoppers. Visually enhanced images, exquisite designs, and well-crafted product copies make your listings more appealing and boost your conversion rates and sales in the long term.



Our designers use the most advanced image editing and photoshop tools to produce breathtaking product photos backed with lifestyle composite imagery; the essential product information is also neatly incorporated into the designs.
We produce customer-centric, authentic, and compelling content that distinguishes your brand from the competition and communicates your brand story in an inspiring and sales stimulating way.
We assist you with selecting the best EBC templates for showcasing your products; we provide customized designs that suit your specific needs and also manage everything to do with content and layout submissions via Seller Central.



Capture customer attention– Images and Infographics are an effective medium to showcase your products. Crisp and high-quality visuals help in retaining the information quicker. With our Amazon EBC services, engaging customers with product-relevant images always brings encouraging results.

Showcase unique product attributes-Any important product feature or attribute which was not added in the bullet points can be included in the EBC, providing more clarity about the products thus helping the customer make an informed buying decision.

Maximize advertising sales– The shoppers who land up on your products through ads cannot resist the appeal of your products and end up making a purchase. This happens due to the attention-grabbing quality of your listings with Enhanced Brand Content.

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Attract positive customer reviews– Reviews play a critical role in attracting more sales and pushing the organic rankings of the products higher. EBC product copies convey authentic details about the products setting a genuine expectation around them. This leads to satisfied shoppers who not only post good reviews but also make repeat purchases thus building long-term brand loyalty.

Increase brand recognition- EBC allows enough scope for aesthetic use of colors, designs, and brand images in your Amazon product listings. By utilizing our Amazon EBC services, you can increase brand recall by incorporating the brand story and logo in all your product images. Effective and consistent branding leads to more awareness about the brand and dissuades your competitors from creating wrongful copies of your products.