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Win Significant Traffic with Our Performance-Driven Keyword Research Services

It is a proven fact that real buying on Amazon begins at the search bar. So a thorough understanding of what a prospective shopper is looking for and a knack to pick high-intent keywords assume greater importance in the online business. A sound strategy to find sales-inducing keywords and their intelligent usage can impact your visibility substantially. Our experts at eStore Factory use top-notch research tools to fetch the most result-oriented key phrases for your product listings.

We provide keyword research services to successfully direct the search queries to your Amazon product listings. The strategically placed keywords in your product listings attract huge traffic. This results in increased conversion rates and a visible growth in the sales volumes. Our keyword research services can also be utilized for creating your PPC advertising campaigns. A combination of advertising campaigns and a keyword-rich product listing will increase visibility, entice buyers to shop more, and eventually fuel your overall revenue growth.


Increasing traffic to your page is very important, but bringing in the right audience is a necessity. We choose the most effective keywords that can help you connect with your target market.
The auto-suggestions in the Amazon search box are based on the product searches by the buyers. We take it as a cue for further expansion of our keywords.
We put in enough time and effort to analyze your top competitors. A proper Reverse ASIN lookup strategy helps us bring out the high-value key phrases used by your competitors. We integrate these keywords into your listing to further boost your rankings.
Targeting keywords that have higher search volumes and immensely high competition may not always get the desired outcomes. We pick phrases that have relatively good volumes, low competition, and are in sync with shoppers’ needs. These keywords perform better.
We completely understand how a minor difference in spelling or even spacing within keywords can impact the search volumes. Judicious use of synonyms, alternate spellings, and phrases is an important aspect of our keyword research services.
We have worked for varied marketplaces. Selecting keywords that are completely in tune with the sensibilities of shoppers from countries like the US, UK, Canada, France, Australia, Italy, Spain, Japan, and Germany displays our rich experience in addressing the vast global online markets.


  • Keyword research is a critical part of product listing and the overall marketing efforts. We use top-notch research tools like Merchant Words and Helium 10 for our keyword research services. The final set of keywords is funneled through a rigorous research process to help you build a profitable niche for your business.
  • Our experts at eStore Factory perform a thorough analysis and produce an extensive report of the most high-value keywords. They can be used in vital product page elements like titles, bullet points, backend search terms or meta tags, long tail, and generic keywords.
  • We firmly believe that keyword research is an ongoing process and not a one-and-done activity. With an ever-vigilant eye, we constantly track your keyword rankings for any changes. We have sufficient knowledge and an optimizing strategy to handle the changes appropriately.
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