Amazon Ads



Amazon is one of the biggest online retail marketplaces and a dominant force in the e-commerce world. With millions of sellers hosted by the platform, the competition has become fierce. A well-devised advertising strategy can certainly help you stand out in this overcrowded marketplace and carve a niche for your brand. Amazon offers powerful advertising options to increase your brand awareness and drive more sales. Our experts will assist you by utilizing the immense advertising potential of Amazon to promote your products, boost brand visibility and attract a huge surge in sales.

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  • Sponsored Products Ads:
    These are pay-per-click ads that promote individual product listings and have a flat rate for each click; the ads appear in relevant search results and product detail pages of competing and complementary products.
  • Sponsored Brands Ads:
    The ads appear in search results, feature headlines, brand logo and display multiple products; the sponsored brand ads on Amazon are immensely useful in boosting brand awareness and improving organic rankings.
  • Store Spotlight Ads:
    The ads promote stores instead of products, so having an Amazon storefront is a must as traffic gets diverted to your store and you are able to promote different categories of products through specific store subpages.
  • Sponsored Brands Video Ads:
    Sponsored Brands Video Ads are compelling product video ads that auto-play when a potential customer scrolls by; the ads occupy a substantial portion of the product detail page, making them hard to miss and usually show up on the first page of the search results.
  • Sponsored Display Ads:
    These are self-service display ads created based on customers’ shopping interests and appear at various stages during a customer’s buying journey both on and off Amazon platform.
  • Audio Ads:
    Audio ads are similar to radio commercials that are 10 to 30 seconds long; the ads are a powerful medium to promote brand awareness, your target audience can hear them on their Echo devices or while using the Amazon Music app on FireTV, Android, or iOS.
  • Video Ads:
    Video ads are ideally 15–30 seconds long and convey pertinent product information to your potential customers through effective visuals and subtitles; the video ads appear on Amazon’s OTT platforms, Fire TV; connected TVs, publisher channels, and video content both on and off Amazon.
  • Amazon DSP:
    Amazon DSP (Demand-Side Platform) enables sellers to programmatically buy display, video, and audio ad placements across various platforms on the web, so it is a powerful advertising option that utilizes off-Amazon platforms, and creates awareness among users, retargets shoppers with the purchase intent and encourages them to buy.

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We define a set of goals after properly understanding your priorities, like whether you want to drive more sales or improve your brand awareness. Once everything is ascertained, we utilize our expertise and focus our energies to align with your business aspirations and goals.
We deeply analyze your product portfolio to select the right products to advertise. Products that are highly popular and competitively priced drive maximum conversions and sales.
We ensure that your product copies are concise and persuasive enough to draw the attention of the shoppers. Bright and high quality images, relevant product information with key attributes, and accurate product titles are some important factors that ignite interest among potential customers.
Experimenting with various Amazon ad types, targeted keywords, content, and target markets helps us understand what works best for your business. After getting a fair idea about areas that can prove lucrative, budget allocation becomes smooth and easy.
It is important to stay flexible and keep track of changes and constant updates happening on Amazon. A new trend or change can massively impact the performance of your existing campaigns. So, we regularly review your ads and monitor their performance closely.