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Amazon has become a dominant force in the global e-commerce marketplace. It offers incredible opportunities to online retail brands that sell on the platform. If you want to outrank your competitors and carve a unique place for your business, utilizing Amazon advertising is essential. With millions of products on the site devising a well-thought advertising strategy for your products assumes greater importance. Whether you want to improve your brand awareness or drive more sales, Amazon advertising is certainly a great option. But advertising on Amazon has its challenges as well. You need a strategic advertising plan to cut through the competition. Staying flexible and adaptable to the rapidly changing marketplace dynamics of Amazon is a must.

Our team of advertising specialists can help promote your brand with Amazon advertisements. We will create strategic Ad campaigns that can help you stand out in the overcrowded Amazon marketplace. By following a data-driven approach, our agency for Amazon advertising will handle all your advertising requirements to further boost your visibility and sales.



Thorough analysis of search queries to pick relevant & high-value keywords with the right match type (broad/phrase/exact) and add them to the campaign.
Analyze your business before creating a campaign, and continually test and optimize your Ad campaigns till optimum results are achieved.
Improve the relevance of your ad campaigns by targeting individual products and categories based on price, rating, brand, and product demand.
Reorienting existing campaigns by replacing low-performing keywords, making keyword bid adjustments, and targeting high-value keywords for better performance.
Sift through non-performing keywords and add them to the negative keyword list for campaigns to keep irrelevant and unwanted traffic at bay.
Make keyword-level bid adjustments to gain higher product visibility, conversions, and sales.
Plan seasonal campaigns for festivals or vacations after duly taking into the view latest trends and customer shopping behaviors.
Constantly monitor and manage campaigns to avoid any spike in Ad spending to keep the ACoS lower.



Sponsored Products – These are pay-per-click advertisements showcasing individual product listings. The sponsored product ads have a flat rate for each click and appear in the shopping search results and the product detail pages. These ads also show up in the product listings belonging to your competitors.

Sponsored Brands – The Sponsored brand PPC Ads appear in the shopping results. The ads feature headlines, the brand logo, and display multiple products. Sponsored brands are a great advertising option to increase brand awareness and Amazon organic rankings.

Product Keyword Research

Sponsored Display – These are self-service, programmatic display ads that can be created in a few clicks. You can reach your target audience through the display of these ads while they are on their shopping journey on Amazon. Sponsored displays are created based on customers’ shopping interests and appear on and off the Amazon platform.

Store Ads – Store ads have a similarity with product collections, but they promote stores instead of products. By clicking the store ad, a shopper is redirected to the brand store of your business. For utilizing store ads, you must have a brand store on Amazon.

Sponsored Brands Video Ads – Sponsored Brands Video Ads can be used to pop up in the shopping results to help shoppers discover your brand and products while they shop on Amazon. These are cost-per-click, keyword-targeted ads; they directly link customers to the product detail page. The shoppers get to learn more about the products & the brand and may even commit to a purchase.

Audio Ads – Audio ads play on all free ad-supported music on Amazon. The 10 to 30 seconds long ads can appear on all Alexa-enabled devices, mobiles, and desktops.

Video Ads – Video ads appear on Amazon’s OTT (over-the-top) platforms. It includes Fire TV; connected TVs, publisher channels, Prime Video, and video content both on and off Amazon.

Amazon DSP – Amazon DSP (Demand-Side Platform) helps advertisers programmatically buy video and ad placements. It allows brands to show ads through targeted advertising options on Amazon and also utilize platforms that may not be run or controlled by Amazon.

Our Amazon Advertising Services Agency will enable you to:

  • Improve your brand awareness
  • Increase visibility and acquire top Ad sales and revenue
  • Use a hands-on approach for bid management
  • Maintain consistency with ongoing campaign optimizations
  • Identify and monitor advertising goals
  • Gain better insights on changing consumer behavior
  • Attain a competitive edge and achieve results quickly
  • Monitor essential advertising metrics with real-time data and information
  • Automate campaigns to save on time and costs
  • Maximize performance with high-end reporting and analytics
  • Get optimal returns on Ad spending with lower ACoS

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